The Next Steps

I met with the woman who edited my manuscript today.  She was very encouraging, very optimistic, and God bless her, she edited all my grammar mistakes.  

im not sure if I mention this B4 but i not so good @ teh grammars.  

Okay, I’m not that bad, but I’m definitely not a grammar guru.  I don’t like admitting this to my friends since in high school, we had weekly quizzes on grammar so theoretically, I should know it.  Then, all of my college friends took grammar courses during undergrad but I was like, “No, I had enough of that in high school.  I already know grammar.  Blah, blah, blah…”

So yeah, I keep my lack of grammar-savvyness to myself.  

Anyway, my next steps are going to be to go back through my manuscript, work through her corrections and suggestions, and then give a revised copy to her so that she can give it to her friend so that she can look it over.  I think I might also send a copy to my friend who has self published a book (you can check out his website here:  

Well, until next time!  🙂    

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