Another Week

It’s the end of another week.  Not all that much to report.  I went back to the library for more books for my new manuscript.  I’ve been talking a little to the woman who is helping me with editing, but her friend is still reading.

My mom and I ended up having to take Midnight to the vet today.  There was nothing seriously wrong with her, but the procedure to take care of the problem was, to put it lightly, unpleasant.  She is home now and is still trying to decide if she’s going to forgive us or not.  As far as she is concerned, we’re just lucky that we’re still allowed to live in her house.

I texted the saga to my sister, who found the whole situation hilarious, and as a result, ended up creating this little masterpiece.


That’s my mom, my sister, and me.  I’m the one with the cat on top of my head.

So yeah.  That was my day.

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