Owl Post

Growing up, I was always an artsy kid.  I loved writing, reading, and all kinds of artwork.  I took every after-school sculpting, drawing, and painting class my school had to offer.  I guess you could say that creativity has always been my calling. 

However, as much as I love to write and make art, my true passion has always been wildlife and nature.  Maybe I write and make art because of my love for the natural world.  Along with being an author, I also dream of being a wildlife photographer. 

This afternoon, I got a rare treat.  My mother texted me that there was a baby owl up near the store where she works.  I’ve seen owls before at festivals and in zoos, but you rarely see them out and about in their natural habitat (well, as natural as you can get in the suburbs). 

This particular owl was a screech owl, and obviously very young.  He was still in the process of losing his baby feathers and growing into his adult plumage.  I went a little crazy taking pictures, but he didn’t seem to mind.  He was probably hoping I would go away and let him sleep. 

He really was beautiful, and seeing him totally made my day, even if he didn’t bring me my Hogwarts acceptance letter.    

Oh well.  Maybe next time. 



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