Taking a Break

Last week, my best friend and I took a trip to Gulf Shores, Alabama.  Long story short, it was everything I like in a vacation; beachy, Southern, relaxing, and just a good time.  I thought that since I have no news regarding the search for literary agents except that I’m still looking, I’d share some pictures from the trip!

IMG_8403 2

This is our sand turtle.

IMG_8493 2

I suffered a skinned knee, wrist, and swollen ankle for this picture. But there’s a baby dolphin, so it was all worth it.

IMG_8776 2

Tacky Jacks is an Orange Beach landmark. If you go to the Gulf Shores, you need to eat here.

IMG_8818 2

The Flora Bama is a famous bar/music hall on the Florida/Alabama border.

IMG_8832 2

My personal tribute to the movie version of “A Walk to Remember.” Straddling the state line between Florida and Alabama, I’m in two places at once!

IMG_8298 2 IMG_8303 2 IMG_8304 2 IMG_8305 2 IMG_8348 2 IMG_8418 2 IMG_8427 2 IMG_8429 2 IMG_8436 2 IMG_8439 2 IMG_8457 2 IMG_8469 2 IMG_8472 2 IMG_8538 2 IMG_8607 2 IMG_8632 2 IMG_8641 2 IMG_8643 2 IMG_8649 2 IMG_8650 2 IMG_8659 2 IMG_8715 2 IMG_8816 2 IMG_8817 2 IMG_8819 2 IMG_8867 2

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