Creative Business

I’m running out of titles, guys.

Anyway, today was a very big day.  Today is the day I went downtown to the County Courthouse Records Building and registered Wind Trail Publishing as a genuine, real, bona fide business!  I have a certificate and everything!  It’s a pretty cool feeling.

I think I’m pretty close to getting Facebook “Like” pages set up for both the company and Cemetery Tours.  I’ll be sure to share those as soon as they’re up.  I’m considering setting myself a page as an author, but I might wait on that.  I don’t want to bombard people with page requests.  I’ll probably really campaign for the Cemetery Tours page, since, at this point in time, I’m hoping to get people to buy the book, not get clients for the company.  That’s not saying I won’t take on clients in the future, however.

Another exciting update is that I saw the cover design last night.  It looks awesome, guys.  I am really, really excited about it.  Benjamin Durham, my graphic designer, has also helped design covers for Sandra Brown, so that is really cool.  He also asked me if I’d considered doing a book trailer to upload to YouTube.  I had thought about it, but I wasn’t sure we’d be able to do one.  We talked about it, however, and we are both really enthusiastic about the idea.  I can’t wait!

Finally, I received another shining review, this time from my friend who also happens to be one of the smartest women I know.  She has her doctorate, and is incredibly, incredibly intelligent.  She called it “Engrossing and exciting with an unexpected ending.”  She also said it was very hard to put down.  Absolutely made my day!

Hope everyone has a splendid weekend!

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