Next Steps

The past couple of days have been pretty productive, which is exactly the way I like them to be!  I designed and ordered both my business cards and postcards with the cover to Cemetery Tours and information about the book, websites, etc… just to hand out around the community or send to whomever wants one.  Gotta keep marketing!

I also just ordered the first copy EVER of Cemetery Tours from my printer to proofread!  I am so excited to finally have it in my hands! 

Now that that is all underway, I need to start thinking about formatting for eBook.  I also need to figure out a few more marketing strategies and reserve a place for the release party.  I’m hoping that I hear back either today or tomorrow from the venue I contacted last week.  It’s actually my church, but we have a great reception hall and we’re Episcopalian, so DRINKS ALL AROUND!

Just kidding.  I want it to be a family event.  Though there probably will be drinks.  Anyway, if that falls through, I’m not sure where I’ll look next, so I’m really hoping it doesn’t fall through.  

Now that things are starting to fall into place, I really need to start focusing on my next book!  I actually have two that I’m currently working on; a sequel to Cemetery Tours and the first in a trilogy.  I won’t say anything more about that one yet, except that it has sort of a nautical theme.  I’m all about the ocean and preserving marine life, so I’ve been looking forward to writing this one for a while!  I’m at about the same place in each of them, so I’m not sure which one I’m ready to commit to.  I need to pick one soon, however, as I’d really love for Wind Trail’s next publication to happen sometime early next year!  I think I’m going to buy myself a calendar and start giving myself deadlines.  I’m usually pretty good about deadlines when other people set them.  I should be even better about deadlines to myself, but I know that if I break my own deadline, I won’t get a bad grade or a cut in my paycheck or anything like that.  I’m very lenient on myself.  Maybe having it in writing will help me.  When I first started working out, I made myself a sticker chart, which actually encouraged me a lot because I could see how much work I’d put into it!  

Well, I think that’s all the updates for now.  Later!    

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