Cemetery Tours Photo Album

In the last week since Cemetery Tours has been available, I’ve had several people send me pictures of their books, or of themselves with the book!  I thought I’d share a few, along with pictures from the websites, reviews, and so on!


The very first copy!


Spreading the word at Starbucks!


The Amazon page! As shared by my high school’s Facbeook page. Proud to be an LHS alum!


The first shipment. These are all gone now. 🙂


Cemetery Tours sold alongside a Meg Cabot novel! I couldn’t be prouder!


My friend sent me this photo! Check out her awesome nails!


This is Cody. Legitimately one of the coolest guys I know. He’s an amazing actor and he’s also a writer! Check out his blog! http://ayearsabbatical.blogspot.com


Cemetery Tours on KINDLE!


First review!


(Backwards) Cemetery Tours love from Texas Tech!


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