The Write Stuff

So, I’ve always heard that the difference between a writer and a non-writer is that a writer writes.  This is pretty much true.  If you want to become a writer, you just have to sit down, grab a pen and paper, or maybe a laptop, and go for it!  However, I’ve realized that being an author, and more specifically, a publisher, is a lot more than writing.  It’s a lot of fun, trying new things, learning about the industry, and figuring out new ways to get your book out there in the world.  However, I find that I am terribly missing the essential aspect of a writer’s life, and that is writing.  

I’ve been working on three separate manuscripts ever since I finished Cemetery Tours.  That’s probably not a good idea, but I love all of them so much!  Unfortunately, i’ve been spending so much time working on Cemetery Tours that these other manuscripts have sort of taken a back seat.  I don’t necessarily mind.  I love Cemetery Tours and I really want people to read it and enjoy it and spread the word. However, I am reaching the point where I am really, really wanting to just sit down and write.

Next week is the Cemetery Tours release party, so I’m already planning on it being fun and hectic.  The week after that, however, I’m anticipating life returning to at least a little normal, so I’m really hoping to get in some good, quality writing time then.  I do love being social and everything, but I also really value my me-time.  If I don’t get enough of that me-time, I tend to get a little… moody.  I get really cranky, I withdraw from everyone, and then I start thinking about selling all my stuff, buying an RV, and running away to the west coast.  That’s not something that needs to be happening.  At least not anytime soon.


7 thoughts on “The Write Stuff

      • I’ve read over several of your posts (For some reason, I can’t figure out how to like them… not very computer savvy). My initial thought is maybe an anthology, perhaps? I’m really very new to the publishing world and while I can tell you probably everything you need to know about independently publishing novels, I’m not quite sure what the best route for you might be. I know I have seen some very short works published on Kindle or iTunes or Amazon. I’m pretty sure you can publish them there and get a royalty when people buy them. Investigate some with Amazon and CreateSpace.

        Hope this helps! 🙂

      • Hi! 🙂 The like button is on the upper left hand side of the comment box, for some reason wordpress decided to make it tiny lol

        I’ll take a look at amazon for publishing maybe a small portion of my writing, just to see what readers enjoy, thank you 🙂

  1. Jackie, never feel bad about writing more than one thing at once. I usually have at least three projects going at once. They’re not necessarily all novels, usually it’s a novel, a screenplay, and then something like my reviews or something… it’s what’s working for me at any given time, or where my current energy is being pointed (or where the work is carrying me). I think most writers are in some stage of writing on multiple projects. We’re creative… we can’t help ourselves! : )

    Congrats again on the book!

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