Things That Happened Today

I’m really sleepy, so this will probably be brief. 

1) This morning at around 1 AM, I finished Chapter 8 of the sequel to Cemetery Tours.

2) Cemetery Tours reached 150 likes on Facebook. 

3) I found out that people can “like” my author page on Amazon.  Look!!!

4) My friend’s baby ate sweet potatoes for the first time and actually liked them.

5) I watched a few more episodes of Game of Thrones.

6) I made a late night attempt to straighten my hair before the party tomorrow, but my arm got tired.  I’ll finish it up tomorrow.

7) I bought a lot of wine for the party.  Drinks all around! 

8) Cemetery Tours has officially sold 100 copies on Amazon/Kindle!  

9) My friend took her 3rd out of 4 exams to become a CPA.  She’s really smart.  

10) I got a splinter.  I hate splinters.  When I was three, I spent hours playing on this rickety old wooden play set and by the time I went home, the palms of my hands were literally infested with splinters.  Ever since that day, I hate touching anything made of wood… fences, play sets, railroad ties, you name it.  


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