Hitting the Ground Running

Book Published: Check

People Reading: Check

Book Release Party: Check

Next Step: Marketing. 

Every time I stop and think, “Wow, I can’t believe it’s all over,” the little publishing bug in the back of mind laughs and says, “Not so fast, my silly human!  Just because you published a book, it doesn’t mean people are actually going to buy it!” 

So, that’s my next adventure.  Selling and advertising and marketing.   

This afternoon, I made my semi-monthly trip to the library.  As I was perusing the business aisle, I realized that starting up your own business is a lot like still being in college or graduate school.  You work to support yourself, you make frequent trips to the library, you do a lot of research, and you do a heck of a lot of writing.  You barely make any money, but that’s okay, because you’re working toward an even bigger goal and hopefully all of that work will eventually pay off.  I’ll keep you updated on what I learn. 

In other news, my best friend and I went to the State Fair yesterday.  I love going to the Fair.  It’s like a welcome to autumn and a prelude to Halloween.  I didn’t take that many pictures this year, but I’ll post if there are any I think are worth sharing.  

Finally, now that the whole party planning business if over (thank goodness!), I need to get back to clearing out the back room and putting my office together.  I also really need to clean out my closet to make way for cold weather!  I know, it’s absolutely riveting!  So glad I’m sharing all this with you.  

If anyone has any tips on marketing (or cleaning), please let me know!  Happy Monday!      

2 thoughts on “Hitting the Ground Running

  1. Jackie, congrats! I’ve written local children’s books so my market is a niche, but we’ve found that marketing to local mom’s groups & schools is really effective. And of course-the necessary Facebook page. Reach out anytime-good luck!

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