Lazy Day

So far, today has ben one of those pajamas-all-day-do-absolutely-nothing-productive days, and I’ve got to be honest… I’m loving it.  

Part of me feels like I should be straightening up around the house (especially my bedroom, which is just a total disaster zone), but then I think to myself, Would you rather spend all that time cleaning a room that’s only going to go right back to the state it’s in now after about two days… or would you rather write?  

Of course, writing wins, hands down.  Come on, why should I waste my time on cleaning when I could be finishing the next chapter of the Cemetery Tours sequel?  Or any of my other three books?  Or reading another book by one of my cool new author friends?   Seriously, there are so many more important things I could be doing than cleaning.  

Sorry, future husband.  Your wife’s a bum.  A really messy one at that.  

Something that has really motivated me to keep writing instead of doing absolutely anything else is this great review I got last night on Amazon!  This one almost brought tears to my eyes.  


Well, that’s all for now.  I think now, I’m going to go write and see if the new Dracula episode is on Hulu.  Later! 

Oh, and remember… tonight is Daylight Savings Time!  One extra hour of sleep!  Yes!!!




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