Back to the Grind

Yet another holiday weekend has come and gone.  It was a great one, too.  Lots of hanging out with my sister, eating, putting up Christmas decorations, watching movies, eating, laying around doing nothing, and did I mention eating?  I swear, with all the leftovers and like, ten different desserts, it’s a miracle I can even fit into my fat pants.  I ate every meal like a person who will never eat again.  That’s one thing that needs to stop now that Thanksgiving is over.

Remarkably, I did manage to be a little productive over the last few days.  I finished two chapters of the Cemetery Tours sequel and am now more than halfway through the first draft!  Something I’ve noticed is that once you get past the halfway point, both the story and your writing pace pick up a LOT.  The last half of the book is so much easier to write than the first half, probably because you know, for the most part, what’s going to happen.  Even so, my characters are still surprising me.  It’s probably because I like to beat them up a lot.  Michael just got a nasty scrape on his leg.  Poor guy. 

Sorry, spoiler alert.

As far as marketing goes, I’ve decided I need to take some serious time, and maybe even invest some money, to redesign Wind Trail Publishing’s website.  I’m just not happy with it.  It looks like a website that a middle schooler would design in computer science class.  Not surprising, considering that’s about my kill level when it comes to computery type things, but still.  It is supposed to be a professional website, and it does not, in any way, shape, or form, look like one.  That’s one thing on the checklist. 

Another thing I’ve decided is that once my time enrolled in KDP select is up (which I think will be around the end of December), I’m going to work on publishing Cemetery Tours on Nook and iBook.  That has been the plan from the start, but since I enrolled in KDP select, I didn’t really have to think or worry about it.  Now that that’s almost over, I need to get focused and back at it.  

Aside from writing and doing what I do, there isn’t a whole lot else going on.  I helped put lights on our office Christmas tree today.  I am allergic to trees (really to plants in general), so my body reacted as though I’d just hugged an enormous dust bunny (I’m allergic to dust too).  My throat is still scratchy even though I’ve been away from the tree for well over an hour.  I also checked my money horoscope (I blame my best friend for getting me into it).  It did not even mention money.  Translation: There is no money in my future.  That’s disappointing.  

I’m also reading a book that I happened across on GoodReads last night that also just happened to be free on Kindle that day.  I love it when that happens.  It’s a book about merpeople, and before you start thinking that I’m lame, let me just say that I am fully aware that my love for mermaids does not make me cool.  But I’ve been obsessed with the ocean and, consequently, mermaids, since I was little.  I used to link diving rings around my legs whenever I’d swim in the pool, just so I could pretend I had a fin.  Yeah, I was that kid. 

Unfortunately, aside from Hans Christian Andersen’s timeless classic which inspired the best Disney movie ever, there are really no good books about mermaids.  I’ve tried reading several, and I never make it all the way through, just because the story is so stupid or the heroine is just ridiculously unlikable.  This one that I’m reading now has managed to hold my attention because for once, I actually like the mermaid and her merman brother.  Unfortunately, the human girl who’s supposed to be protagonist is downright insufferable.  She’s whiny, she’s self-centered, and worst of all, she has that whole “I’m so plain and nerdy and weird and no guy will ever like me” but in reality, she has every guy just completely fawning over her.  That just drives me crazy.  The world is full of awesome literary heroines like Hermione, Katniss, Scout Finch, Eowyn, Tris Prior… But sadly, for every one of them, you get a Special Snowflake Bella Swans to completely destroy your faith in good literature, or at least decent female characters.  And that’s coming from someone who actually enjoyed the Twilight series!  I plan on finishing the book, but seriously, that girl just needs to shut up. 

*Note* Upon reading some GoodReads reviews of the book, I’m happy to report I’m not the only person who can’t stand her.   



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