For All the Non-Texans Out There

For All the Non-Texans Out There

This is what happens when winter comes to Texas. It’s not snowing, it’s not sleeting, I don’t think it’s even below freezing, and already, the government is activating the emergency plans. THAT is how terrible people are at driving in the snow down here. Sort of sad. Sort of amusing. All true.

6 thoughts on “For All the Non-Texans Out There

  1. I live in West Virginia, where it snows EVERY WINTER and people still can’t drive when it snows. I’m talking about native West Virginians who still don’t drive well when it snows. And you can’t blame it on our windy country roads because most of the accidents are on the Interstate!

  2. It snows and blows pretty frequently here in Nebraska also, and I have to say our drivers aren’t any better. Actually the worst ones I see on the interstate are Colorado drivers, and they certainly ought to have their fair share of experience.

    I’m impressed with your road crews doing dry runs, though–that’s great. When I used to live in Washington, the first two or three snows of the year seemed to take the cities & counties completely by surprise. It was like they had never even heard of snow or ice–they wouldn’t start plowing or anything until about 24 hours after it started coming down. What a mess. So even if it looks a bit absurd, I’m all for the practice runs!

    • Haha, well that makes me feel a little better! This afternoon, the city actually went in to something called “Ice Force One” and pretty much everything is already closed for the next two days. We are hunkering down down here!

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