Update on Being Iced In in Texas

Nothing much has changed since yesterday.  It was my sister’s birthday (in case you missed the blog post… https://jackiesmith114.wordpress.com/2013/12/07/a-personal-message-to-my-sister-on-her-birthday/) and also the anniversary of Pearl Harbor, but we tend to celebrate the former with a little more enthusiasm.  

I actually had a nightmare about the ice last night.  I dreamt that it got so cold that the base of my home froze over and the entire house slid down the hill and my laptop broke.  My cats were okay, though, so that’s good.  

Speaking of laptops, I finished Chapter 16 of the Cemetery Tours sequel.  I really want to release the name and make a Pinterest board for it (because that’s just how serious and professional I am), but I have to wait until it’s finished and I have the name registered.  Well technically, I don’t have to, but I want to.  It just seems more official that way.  

Also, North Texas is under a freezing fog advisory.  What the heck is a freezing fog advisory?  It sounds like something that Moses would have brought with him to Egypt along with the locusts and the darkness and such.  Or maybe something that the Gamemakers would put in the Arena during the Hunger Games.  Whatever it is, it’s here and I don’t like it.  

I can’t deny it though, it has been kind of nice having an excuse to do absolutely nothing.  I really enjoy getting the chance to curl up in a blanket, light a winter candle, and read or write or watch a movie I haven’t seen in a while.  It’s been good for my parents too, especially my mom, who has two jobs and works six days a week.  I’d love it, more than anything, if she could quit at least one of them.  The other, she says, she’d still do for fun, even if she didn’t need to.  

One thing I can say about being snowed in is that you save a lot of money.  No eating out, no grocery store, no gasoline spent, and sadly, no Christmas shopping, which I guess can wait, but I so love getting out and enjoying lights and music and hot chocolate!  I also really want to go Christmas light watching.  Good thing I still have 18 days to enjoy the season!  

Well, I’m gonna go work a little bit more on CT2 (That’s Cemetery Tours 2).  Talk to y’all later!  Stay warm!  I know I am!!!

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