The Sugary-Sherburts

Something I like to do as a semi-active blogger is to scroll through tags that interest me, Books, Authors, Reviews, etc… If I find a blog that I like, I’ll follow.  About a month back, I was scrolling the Author tag and happened across the blog of Miss Heather Ellis (  She is a young author from England and she’s just published her third short story book for kids, The Sugary Sherburts and the Stone Witch.  As it turns out, Heather is a kid herself, just ten years old.

How cool is that?  I mean, seriously?  To be a published author of not one, but THREE books at ten years old?  Want me to tell you what I was doing when I was ten?  I was either running around the house, throwing my Beanie Babies across the floor so that I could pretend to save them from “tornadoes,” or dressing up like the Spice Girls and singing “Wannabe” at the top of my lungs.  That was the kind of kid I was.  

Anyway, I told Heather that I would love to read one of her books, and after a long month of waiting, the Sugary Shuerburts finally arrived in Texas!  


This is a picture that Heather sent me… the Sugary Sherburts about to begin their journey across the pond!


And this is shortly after their arrival in Texas! Note: This is the package, not the actual book cover. I just love the drawing!


I just had to take a picture of the postage stamp. Europe is so cool.

 Anyway, this is the actual book!  


 Again, how cool is this?!

I showed the book to my sister (who also plans to read and review), and she said, “That’s so cool!  It reminds me of Matilda!”  Well, it just so happens that on the back of the book, Heather lists Roald Dahl as one of her influences!  Such a great author and such a good story (my sister is a HUGE fan of the new musical adaptation).  


This is me and the Sugary Sherburts!

I’m so excited to read not only The Stone Witch, but Heather’s other books as well.  You can find a list of them here at her Amazon page: 

You can also find Heather on Twitter: heatherellisbks

And on GoodReads: 

Stop by and check her out!  This kid is going places!  

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