Changing the Game

Okay… I might have stumbled upon a new path tonight. 

I had a meeting with a colleague of mine today (technically, he’s my high school English teacher/mentor, but since I’m a published author now, I like to go ahead and say we’re colleagues), and he came up with a really neat idea for a short book.  Well, I began writing it tonight and if I keep making the progress that I’ve made, then it could very well be ready for the first round of editing within a week or so.  

I want and NEED to get the sequel to Cemetery Tours finished, but I feel like I need to work on this while the drive is there.  Besides, if I can get this new short book done and in the editing room, then I can take that time to finish the sequel and when the sequel is being edited, I can be publishing this new book!  

I think this could work, guys.  It might mean pushing the sequel back by a month or so, but I don’t really have a fixed date anyway.  That’s the beauty of being your own boss.  I make my own deadlines.  Unfortunately, I’m a very flexible and easy-going boss, which could potentially mean I never get anything done, but I want this to work too much to not do anything ever.  

So yeah… that’s what’s going on in my fuzzy little brain right now. 

Also… Got ANOTHER review!  I think this one might be my favorite one yet!



I scare the hell out of people, guys!!  Yay! 

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