The Don’ts

Today is not a bad day.  I’m not in a bad mood or upset about anything.  I just don’t want to do anything.  Anything productive, that is.  Honestly, it’s a wonder I’m even committing to my blog.  

I’m blaming this bad case of “the don’ts” on the weather.  It’s cold (yuck), gray (yuck), rainy (yuck), and just all around blah (yuck).  I may have been born in the dead of winter, but I am a summer girl at heart.  I like warmth and sunshine and blue skies and colors.  This weather just makes me feel gross and tired.  My gosh, I slept nine hours last night and I’m still having trouble dragging myself around.  I keep telling myself, “Why don’t you go to Barnes and Noble and pick up the next Percy Jackson book?” And all my brain responds with is, “Cold.  Walking.  Effort.  Pants.”  

Well, actually, I do have pants on right now, but they’re the really comfy kind.  If I went up to Barnes and Noble, I’d have to put on real pants and come on, who actually ever wants to do that?  


Besides, it’s not like I need another book to read.  I have several that I could be reading in my room.  I ALSO have two for friends/reviews that I need to finish.  Today might be a very good day to do that, actually.  Alas, that would also mean thinking and you know, today just isn’t really a thinking kind of day.  

Things I Don’t Want To Do Today:

* Think

* Interact with anyone who is not my cat

* Go places

Things That I Do Want To Do Today

* Eat

* Sleep

* Watch movies (but not deep or stressful movies that require me to use my brain… I’m thinking more like Flubber or Toy Story)

* Build a blanket fort and stay there

I also want to be sure to keep up with the last few chapters of Cemetery Tours 2.  I’m so, so, so excited for it to be done that I’ve caught myself moving forward and making plans that it needs for publication before I’ve even finished it!  Enthusiasm is good.  Not finishing the manuscript is bad.  That’s what I really need to be doing today.  

Well, now that I’ve complained to you all about how lazy I feel, I actually do need to run and do some errands.  In the cold.  Blegh.

While I am gone, please enjoy this picture of an owl in a top hat. 


10 thoughts on “The Don’ts

  1. I love this post!! I honestly have been feeling the same about myself and my blog. I feel like I have so much stuff that I need to do, ultimately I just don’t want to do anything. I think that we all need those mental health days, just time to goof off and not really think about what we should be doing. I think that it is exciting that you are doing so well and planning for your next book. I have been slacking on my own writing, so I am just getting back to that myself.

    I hope that you enjoy your time and then recommit after you have taken a much needed break. Also love the pictures, the owl in the top hat too cute 🙂

  2. Heya, Jackie YOU!

    Can’t offer any constructive criticism on your post, but gads how your feelings about this abysmally gray weather resonates with my own. I’m so lazy today, I’m only breathing every other breath and only have one eye open to cut down on images I have to process with my alleged brain! (shouting!) I HATE THIS WEATHER!! ARGGGHHH! Good luck on the blanket fort…my wife won’t build one for me! *hehe*

    Ron — In Cowtown

    • Hey Ron! I know, isn’t it just bleak?! It’s awful.

      However, while I was out running errands, the sun began just peeking through the clouds and it made me so happy. I’m so ready for spring. I need sunshine. We live in Texas. We don’t function in the cold and the gray.

      You and your wife stay warm!! Even without the blanket fort. 😛

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