Just Dropping In

Today is another cold, gray day.  I personally believe that should be as valid an excuse as any for me to not do anything today.  I know, I just wrote about my bad case of “The Don’ts” just yesterday, but to be totally honest, I still have them.  I took a long nap this afternoon, immediately felt guilty about being so unproductive, but then stepped outside and realized that this awful weather is just not even worth being conscious for.  Having recently consumed chocolate, however, I am feeling much better.  It’s just like in Harry Potter.  Chocolate cures everything… even Dementor attacks!  

It’s weird.  Usually I can always think of something to say on this blog, but the only things I’ve really been thinking about in the last few days have been how cold it is and getting the manuscript for the second book finished.  Perhaps that’s a sign that that’s what I really need to be doing.  I don’t want to waste your time with a pointless blog post, but I also don’t want to not blog today.  It’s getting to the point where it feels weird not to post something.  It’s almost like being absent from school.  

I have ideas of what I could write.  Last night, I was about to go on a rampage because of a gross and crude comment some guy that I don’t even know made on Facebook.  But then I thought about it and realized I don’t want this blog to be a place where I go and complain.  The world is full of enough people complaining, picking fights, arguing, and putting each other down.  It’s especially bad on the Internet and it gets really discouraging after a while.  I don’t want to help spawn more hatred and negativity.  One of these days, when I feel like being funny, I’ll make a humorous list of things that annoy me, but today, I really just want to work on my book.  So I think that’s what I’m going to go do.

Fare thee well, people.  Enjoy this beautiful picture of books and flowers that is sadly not mine.  


7 thoughts on “Just Dropping In

  1. I am finding the Blogging community to be a positive influence in my life and definitely more than any other social media sites lately. I’m fairly new to all of this but I am starting to find it weird not to Blog about something each day.

    • I really love this community! Everyone I’ve met has been nothing but complimentary and encouraging! It’s really a great place for anyone working toward something, because chances are, everyone reading your blog is doing the exact same thing! 🙂

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