The Middle

I love the song “The Middle” by Jimmy Eat World.  I first heard it at an amusement park while waiting to ride the Batman ride. You know, the one where your feet dangle and you go on all those crazy loops and twists and turns.  Every time I ride it, I think, “Oh my God, what am I doing?!  Am I crazy?!”  But then I actually ride it and remember how much I love it and that it’s actually one of the most awesome roller coasters ever.  

Anyway, the song is really great, especially for those of us who are still in the process of really finding out place in the world. 

It just takes some time, little girl, you’re in the middle of the ride. Everything, everything will be just fine.  Everything, everything will be alright.”  

It’s a very encouraging song, especially for anyone in between where they’ve been and where they hope to go.  

I’m only a few chapters away from being done with the first draft of my new manuscript, the sequel to Cemetery Tours.  For a while now, I’ve been a little worried that maybe it won’t be as good, or that people won’t like it as much as they do the first one.  What if people don’t like the plot?  Or what if I’ve ruined their favorite character?  I never thought about any of these things until I got close to finishing the sequel.  

Writing this one hasn’t been the same as writing the first one.  With the first one, I went back and fourth, started it about four or five separate times, renamed characters, changed the plot, took out entire chapters and went back to rewrite them.  With this one, I’ve worked straight through, start to finish, maybe taking out and rewriting a paragraph here or there, but overall, it’s been a pretty straightforward process.  That might just be a sequel thing.  I know the characters, I knew what I wanted out of this one before I knew what I wanted out of the first, and I’ve known all along how this one was going to play out.  Honestly, I wrote the first book just so I could write this one.  But still, the fears persisted that it just wouldn’t be as good, especially since I felt like I haven’t corrected as much on this one. 

The other night, however, I decided to scroll back and reread a few chapters.  I am happy to report that I like them just as much as I like Cemetery Tours.  I’ve come to learn that sometimes, when you’re writing a chapter or a scene, you often think to yourself, “Wow, I really just kind of blew that off.  That was not my best effort.  I just pulled all of that out of the air.”  But then you go back, read what you wrote, and think, “Hey, that was actually pretty okay.”  That’s pretty much the entire book for me.  I know I will find things to change when I go back and do the first official read through (with the glitter markers for editing and what not), but overall, I am very happy and I finally think that readers will enjoy it just as much as they did Cemetery Tours.  At least, I hope they will!  

I’m really looking forward to finishing the manuscript, not only because I’m ready to get back into the publishing process, but because I’m really looking forward to starting something new.  I love Cemetery Tours and my characters, and I know I will write more books about them, but I have other ideas that I’m really excited about and that I want to get started on.  Right now, I’m totally committed to the sequel and that’s a good thing, but other stories in my head are getting antsy.  They want to be written too!  

Speaking of stories, my friend and I went to see Winter’s Tale last night.  It was really a beautiful movie, and I’d love to read the book.  I’d actually never heard of it until the movie was announced, but the book sounds amazing.  I’ll admit, it wasn’t what I expected, but I really liked it.  I’m very grateful that I got to see the entire thing, because my friend and I got lost twice on our way to the theater.  She and her family recently moved about forty five minutes away, and neither of us knows the area very well.  We ended up making a loop, and we arrived at the theater about ten minutes after the movie was supposed to start.  Fortunately, we only missed a few of the previews.  And the sunset was also really pretty, so you know, getting lost can sometimes be a good thing. 



That’s one thing about living in Texas.  It doesn’t matter if you live in a big city, you’re never more than half an hour away from the typical, small country town scenery that most people envision when they think of Texas.  I love that.  However, it also means that you take one wrong turn and you’re suddenly on this small country road with no lights, no signs, and a lot of creepy old houses.  Or cows.  All I can say is thank God for the GPS, because it is so easy to get lost on those roads.    

In other news, Cemetery Tours has shown up in the “What are you reading” section of the UK’s The Guardian!  Check it out! 



Have a good weekend, everyone!  

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