The Downhill Slide

Yesterday morning, I was feeling a little stumped.  I was also in a rotten mood, but that was mostly because of the weather and I don’t sleep as much during the week as I probably should (I make up for it on weekends though!).  I knew I was nearing the end of the first draft of my new manuscript, but I wasn’t entirely sure how I was going to tie everything together and make it all fall into place.  Finishing a book can be really intimidating.  You want to make sure you’ve covered everything, left no stone unturned, or any mystery or plot open or unsolved (unless, of course, you’re planning a sequel).  

Speaking of sequels, I need to find out when the new Mediator book by Meg Cabot is coming out!  I love that series.  Heck, I love everything she writes.  I kind of want to be Meg Cabot when I grow up.

Anyway, thankfully, I got past the stumped-ness after hours and hours of literally staring at a blank wall and imagining every possible outcome, solution, and scenario.  I knew how I wanted it to end, I just need a little guidance on how to get there.  I’ve finally managed to write out a miniature outline for the final few chapters and have mostly determined that I’m four and a half chapters away from being finished!  Yaaaay!  

Once that’s finished, the next order of business will be reading through and editing it myself before sending it off to my real editor, making sure my beta reader (AKA my sister) likes it and doesn’t think it’s crap, and consulting with my brilliant cover designer.



Seriously, he’s just the best.  I do not know where I’d be without him.

And yes, this was a cheap shot at getting my book cover out on your news feed.  Sorry.  

Long story short, I’m really close to being done and I hope that I can still make my self-imposed summer deadline.  That’s one good thing about being an indie author, the only deadlines you have to abide by are your own.  Unfortunately, I’m a really easy going boss and I cut myself a LOT of slack.  I’m actually really good with other people’s deadlines (thank you, six years of higher education).  If you give me an assignment and a date by which I need to finish, you can bet you bonnet that I will have it done.  If you don’t give me a deadline, however, I am going to do whatever I want, whenever I feel like it.  I’m just kind of a go with the wind, free spirit like that.  

Well, that’s all for tonight.  I’m about to head out and take a walk around the park with my friend and her doggy.  I hope you all have a pleasant evening! 

Oh and also, I got new glasses!  I can see!   


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