Looking For John Green

So, I’m going through a phase.  It’s an “I need to purchase and read as many John Green books as possible” phase.

This is problematic for a number of reasons.

1) Money.  I know I could go and check them out from the library, but for some reason, I rarely ever read pleasure books from the library.  I read research books, no problem.  But fiction books?  I don’t know, I just really like to own them.  That way, I don’t feel any pressure to get them read by a certain date.  I like to read for fun.  Time limits are no fun.  Neither, by the way, is not having any money to buy every book John Green ever wrote.

2) I am currently in the middle of the Percy Jackson series.  Not a bad thing.  I’m really loving Percy Jackson and I have a feeling that once I’ve finished with that series, I’ll go on to read Riordin’s other mythology series.  Greek mythology is just so cool!

3) I’m still about a chapter and a half away from being done with Cemetery Tours 2.  Again, not a bad thing.  But I’ve come to realize that I have this habit of, once I get close to finishing a project, I get self-congratulatory and decide that I need to go out and buy myself presents because of how great I am.  The problem is… I haven’t actually finished.  That means that even if I were to go out and buy these books (and okay… I just came home from the bookstore with An Abundance of Katherines), I’m still not allowed to read them until I’m done with the sequel!  So what I actually do is go out and buy myself a reward that I’m not allowed to use until I’ve completed the task at hand.  That’s how I got through my last semester of grad school.

4) I have so many other books that I own that I still need to read!  Do I really need to be going out and buying more?  Well, yes.  Some women go out and buy shoes that they don’t need.  I buy books that I don’t need.  I was able to restrain myself today, though.  I discovered the old books and nostalgia section and it was all I could do to not buy every cool old book I found.  I have a thing for old books.  I almost fainted when I found one from 1899, but then I noticed how nasty the cover was.  It looked like someone had used it as a coaster!  Really?!  I might use a crap book like 50 Shades as a coaster, you know, if I hadn’t burned it to the ground.  But a cool old book that’s over 110 years old?!  NO!

So, yeah, that’s the big thing on my mind right now.  And finishing the new book.  That’s important also.  I’m almost done.  I’m so close to being done, I can almost taste it.  Metaphorically of course.  No one eats books.  At least, I hope not.

In the meantime, the old book has been getting more great reviews!

Okay, does anyone else have this thing where your post randomly goes blue while you’re writing it?  Because that’s happening right now and I’m afraid I’m going to click the wrong thing and erase the entire post.

Anyway, here are the new reviews!


That makes 29 reviews in total!  I can’t thank you all enough for your amazing and wonderful support and I hope I can support each and every one of you the same way!


6 thoughts on “Looking For John Green

  1. OMG! I’m so excited for you’re working through Percy. I adore those books as well as Riordan’s other work. They’re just a whole lot of fun, and do so much educating about the mythology.

  2. I have a personal library of exactly 502 print books (I keep a catalog of them because I’m weird) and around 400 ebooks/pdfs. Boccaccio’s “The Decameron” stares down at me, whispering that I broke my promise of reading it. It’s just that…since I’ve plowed headfirst into this indie thing I’ve been eating up ebooks by indie authors and it pushes all of the classical literature back. To some extent this makes me feel guilty, but in another aspect reading indie books and self-published novels is a kind of research for my own efforts. I have my own style of writing, but I’m interested to know what other writers are doing, and what they’re doing right and wrong.

    I have a rare book collection filled with 1st editions, some signed by the author. Hard to find and a bit expensive. I also have some really old books, some a shade over 100 years old. They’re the most amazing books around. Fragile, but just…so satisfying to hold.

    Well, keep on pushing through to finish your book. The finish line is in sight.

    I’m going to need you to give me some words of encouragement as my own finish line nears.

    • That’s awesome! It’s so important to support fellow indies. It’s so great having someone who’s been through it all and who you can really talk to and compare horror stories. 😛

      That rare book collection sounds awesome. When I get rich (because it’s totally gonna happen 😛 ) I’ve decided that I want to start an antique book collection. I have a few from grandparents and one that I’ve bought, but I need to save money for now. Girl’s gotta eat!

      Yes! I’m so excited! One chapter left! Any time you have any questions or need encouragement, don’t hesitate to ask! 😀

  3. Congrats, 29 reviews is great news! (that rhymes!) I can’t believe that someone would use an old book as a coaster. Just imagine if a book as old as that could talk, the stories it could tell of all of the previous owners it had had, places it had been, things it had seen. I’d love to read a story like that!

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