Well, the first draft of the second book is finished!  As great as that feels, I really didn’t intend for today to become a day of self-congratulatory celebration, but that’s sort of what it ended up being.

First my good friend and neighbor surprised me with flowers!  She’s such a sweet heart!  She also happens to be one of my beta readers!


Jazzy liked the flowers too.


Then this evening, I had dinner and dessert with my best friend, Jessica.  I ended up finding out that she has absolutely no faith in my taste in men.  But other than that, we had so much fun.  Actually, talking about guys is fun too.

To top it all off, my sister and I were texting and she started sending me a bunch of funny Frozen pictures and this one almost had me in tears.

Oh my goodness, I laughed so hard.

Anyway, this blog post is kind of silly, but I’m tired and all I really wanted to do was show off my flowers because I love flowers.  Good night, all!  It’s almost Friday!  Yay!

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