Blood Moon Rising (and Other Exciting Things)

These last few weeks have been incredibly busy, but they’ve also been very exciting.

For one thing, ten copies of Cemetery Tours sold over the weekend!  I was thrilled and, at the same time, stunned.  That’s the most it’s ever sold at a time.  My first thought was, “Uh-oh… that’s a typo.”  But after a few days and it still says that those books sold… well then, I think I’m going to believe them! 


The next bit of exciting news… I am officially participating in my first book signing event!  It will feature seven other authors (I think) and it will begin with a book reading event on Friday, May 2 and end with an all day thing on Saturday, May 3!  I’m super excited and super nervous.  I’m not a very good public speaker at all, but I’m hoping that, when I’m talking about my book, I’ll be a little more confident and articulate.

Finally, the edits for CT2 are well underway.  My goal is to have them mostly finished by next week so I can start formatting and hopefully have the ISBN assigned by the end of the month.  Then I can FINALLY release the title!  I know there will still be editing to be done (yaaaaay), but at least the process can really begin.  The editing is probably my least favorite part.  I really actually love the actual publishing and creating a book process.  

In other news, Blood Moon was incredible last night.  I saw the very first bit of the eclipse, but it was really cold outside, so I just went outside at the beginning, middle and total eclipse.  I was sleepy when I woke up this morning, but it was worth it!  


8 thoughts on “Blood Moon Rising (and Other Exciting Things)

  1. It snowed here, so I didn’t get to see it. However, last night the moon was so bright that I could read in the dark. I love it when that happens. It makes me want to break out in a Ben E. King song. If it wasn’t freezing cold I would have gotten my telescope.

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