To Do List

This week has been busy, and it’s only going to get busier.  Today, I got to have lunch with a friend whose book I’m currently editing (she brought my flowers… always makes me happy!).  I always enjoy meeting with writer friends, discussing techniques, character biographies, and of course, the ever evolving road to publication.  After lunch, I ran over to Ross and bought a new outfit for the book-signing this weekend.  We’re supposed to dress sort of “in character” and I wasn’t entirely sure what I wanted to do, but I think I’ve got it all figured out.  I’ll let you all decide when I post pictures this weekend (of course there will be pictures).  I also watered my sunflowers and planted my new flowers out next to them.  I hope I didn’t accidentally kill them in the process.  I might not have the proverbial green thumb.

In spite of this day of noted accomplishments, I still have a lot to get done in the following months.

1) Finish Editing Charli’s book

2) Re-Edit Cody’s book

3) Finish editing Between Worlds

4) Purchase Bar Code for Between Worlds

5) PCN for Between Worlds

6) Practice reading for Book Signing/Reading this weekend

7) Get over fear of Public Speaking

8) Decorations/Signs for Book Signing

9) Research other potential venues/signings/festivals

10) Marketing plan

11) Follow through with plan to become healthier in body, mind, and spirit

And finally…



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