Quick Monday Update

Hello, all.  

Just a quick update for today.  This morning, I received the PCN for Between Worlds.  Having secured the ISBN and barcode also, things are really starting to come together!  I’ve spent most of the day beginning to format the manuscript for publication, and let me tell you, it is taking a while.  Formatting always takes a while.  

So now, on the grand journey to publication, all I’m really missing is a summary for the back of the book (I’m TERRIBLE at those, by the way), and the cover itself.  I’ve been in communication with my cover designer, and I’m REALLY hoping I’ll be able to share the front cover with you all on June 1!  

In the mean time, I have added Between Worlds to GoodReads, but it’s not really all that impressive because it is lacking A) a summary and B) a cover.  But oh well.  At least it’s there.  


Have a pleasant evening, all! 

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