The Monday Funday Report

Hi, friends! 

Well, Between Worlds has been on sale (at least on Kindle) for about a day now.  I’m very pleased to say it’s been selling all day and even made it to the top 50,000 Bestseller Kindle Books!  

Okay, it’s not the top 100 or anything, but hey, for having been on sale for a day, I will take it! 


I’ve been in touch with a few reviewers and a few old connections about hopefully getting the word out a little more.  Along with continued marketing, though, I’m really excited to finally have the book out and to be able to start working on some new projects, like the first in a new series and… CEMETERY TOURS 3.  I know, they just keep coming.  Sorry.  

For now, however, I hope you enjoy Cemetery Tours and its sequel, Between Worlds!  

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