July Photo Album

I realized something last night. Amidst all this eye trouble I’ve been having (it is getting better, FINALLY!), I have been throwing myself a major pity party. Seriously, even though I had so much fun over the weekend, I spent most of it feeling sorry for myself because I haven’t been able to read clearly or wear my contacts. Granted, being able to read and write is a HUGE part of my life, but I can still do it. It’s just been a little off. So I apologize for being such a stick in the mud.

My Fourth of July weekend was incredible. Three of my friends and I took a day trip up to Texoma for some hiking, visiting camp, and all around lakeside shenanigans. It was one of the funnest days ever.





I love nature and I love hiking. I would take a day in the woods over a night in a club or a hotspot any day. During our hike, we went to the Cliffs, which are made entirely of sandstone.



We all carved our initials into the stone.

Several meters and three bottles of Gatorade later, we decided it was time to cool off at the lake.



Afterword, we were heading back up to the main camp and we stumbled across a turtle who was struggling on the side of a rocky hill.


So we took him to a shallow pool that feeds into the lake.





We also paid a visit to our friends, Darwin the Lizard and Killer the Ball Python.



Finally, we returned to the lake to enjoy the sunset.


The next day, my dad, my sister and I drove back upΒ to Lake Texoma for a JB and the Moonshine Band concert. It was probably the most Texan thing I’ve ever done in my life.




The bar there was a boat. It was awesome.


Then the next day, two of my sunflowers bloomed!




I also saw a dragonfly.


Finally, the first review for Between Worlds is in and it is AWESOME!


That’s all, folks! How was your weekend?

5 thoughts on “July Photo Album

  1. Glad to hear your eye is on the mend and you had a great long weekend! I enjoyed reading about your adventure and seeing your photo’s. Like you I’d take a day in the forest or even a night under the stars looking at the universe over time spent in a club any day!

    Congratulations! on the glowing review of your new book “Between Worlds”. πŸ™‚

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