Medicine Park Paranormal Fair

My Saturday began at 4:45 AM. I am a night owl, so that’s actually not to long after my natural bed time. However, I’d actually managed to get to sleep around 10:45 the night before, so I actually got around 6 hours.

After loading up my car, my dad (also my book-selling partner in crime) and I loaded up the car and made the three hour drive up to Medicine Park, Oklahoma.

It’s a really beautiful area.





After I finished admiring the scenery, we went inside and set up the Cemetery Tours table.






This is me with all the stuff… I was really excited to see that I look tan.


The fair itself was really interesting. There were several venders and paranormal groups there. Also a few mediums and psychics, as well as a man who knew all about different rocks and crystals and ways to cleanse your home of bad spirits. I’ll be honest, I’ve never really been too much into the metaphysical. I don’t know what the different rocks and crystals mean, but it was pretty cool to learn.










There were ghost hunters and paranormal investigators there as well!



The highlight of the event, however, was when my friend and fellow author and WORDPRESS BLOGGER Sierra ( came to see me! It was so much fun hanging out with her and geeking out over the Lion King and books. She told me all about her service in the army and we bonded over a very nutritional Sonic lunch. Thank you so much for coming out, Sierra! I had so much fun meeting you!


Near the end of the event, Tanya, who headed up the convention, announced that there would be a raffle drawing. Now, I never enter raffles because I never win, but I decided to enter anyway.

Guess what? I won something!



It’s called a pendulum. I initially put my name in the drawing for it because I liked the color of the stone and I love dragonflies. But according to the guy who knew all about the rocks and crystals, the stone is a Sodalite and it represents the throat chakra (which I misunderstood as throat shocker). Anyway, it basically means that I don’t think before I speak, which is 110% accurate. My family is constantly making fun of me for my lack of filter.

All in all, it was a pretty awesome experience and I’m looking forward to more book and paranormal events like this one in the future. I sold several books, made a few new friends, and got to see a beautiful new town. Very worthwhile.

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