Oh Captain, My Captain

Five minutes ago, I was all set and ready to write a blog post about Shark Week, Ravenclaw socks, and new reviews. Now, I’m sitting here in shock, reeling from the news headline that just flashed across my television screen.

Robin Williams found dead.

It’s weird. Actors and musicians I’ve loved before have died, but none has hit so close to home as the death of the beloved Mrs. Doubtfire, Patch Adams, and Genie.

My generation grew up with Robin Williams. He was simultaneously the funniest guy you could think of and the guy who could make you cry with a single scene. It didn’t matter who you were. Everyone had seen at least one Robbin Williams movie. And everyone loved him.

Right now, I have my favorite movie scenes playing in my head. I see a zany professor dancing around with his bouncing green Flubber. I hear a familiar voice serenading the fabulous Prince Ali Ababwa. I see an ambitious medical student, holding a dying man’s hand, and singing about blue skies. I see a ten-year-old boy in a 40-year-old’s body gazing in awe at a new butterfly. I see young Ethan Hawke standing on a desk, declaring, “Oh Captain, my Captain.” And I’m trying not to cry.

The world wasn’t ready to say goodbye to you, Robin. And neither was I.

20 thoughts on “Oh Captain, My Captain

  1. I was shocked and very saddened by the news as well. I grew up watching Mork and Mindy on TV in it’s heyday and and was blown away by Robbin’s brilliant style of comedy. He never failed to make me laugh and there were times when that was very hard to do. The world has lost a beautiful and brilliant comedic mind! He is missed already!

  2. I was on Twitter last night when the first reports came in, and I really hoped that it another of those malicious ‘celebrity death’ hoaxes, but unfortunately not. It’s just unbelievable news 😦

  3. I was shocked and saddened by the news of Robin Williams. My condolences to the Robin Williams families, and friends. I have written a brief biography of him if you or anyone else is interested. Your post has a great tribute to this talented and great person. He will be missed. My favorite movies from him would be Good Will hunting and Hook! I was heartbroken by the news. 😦

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