The Pros and Cons of Cold Weather

Ladies and gentlemen, it is that time of year again.  The time of year where I will start every single blog post complaining about how cold it is outside.  As a Texan, this just comes as second nature to me.  We southern folk tend to prefer heat.  It’s just what we’re used to.  And even though cold weather usually comes around every year, somehow we’re always so shocked when it actually happens.

Believe it or not, there are things I actually like about cold weather.  Before Christmas, anyway.  After Christmas, cold weather can take a hike back to hell where it belongs, but before Christmas I actually appreciate it.  Parts of it, anyway.

So, in no order in particular, I present Things I Like and Dislike About Cold Weather.

What I Like About Cold Weather

Christmas Socks

Christmas Music

Christmas Movies

Basically Everything Christmas

Drinking Hot Chocolate


Christmas Lights

The Smell of Fireplaces

Guys in Sweaters

Baking Desserts

The Smell of Cold Weather

I Really Appreciate My Warm Bed

Pretty Snow

The Fact that I was Born in the Middle of a Rare Texas Snowstorm

My Snowflake Necklace


The Annual Thanksgiving and Christmas Kiser/Smith Holiday Festivities:

Cuddling with Blankets and my Kitty

A Sense of Home and Coziness

Winter Sunsets

Things I Don’t Like About Cold Weather

It’s Cold

I Have Terrible Circulation

Icy Roads that Kill my Car

Cold Makes my Nose Run and my Ears Hurt

Getting Out of My Warm Bed in the Mornings is The Second Worst Thing in the World

Cold Toilet Seats are the Worst

I Actually Have to Wear Pants and Socks and Closed Toed Shoes to Go Outside

I Like Shorts and Skirts and Flip Flops

Again, It’s Cold

Power Outages

After Christmas Cold Weather is Just Dull and Awful and Cold

Looking at my list, it turns out that there are more things I like about cold weather than dislike… at least before Christmas. Take away all the holiday joy and cold weather is just a drag.

Thankfully, the holiday season is officially in the air and I will be enjoying the weather and the festivities until December 26!!!

Stay warm, everyone!

4 thoughts on “The Pros and Cons of Cold Weather

  1. Jackie, I so agree with you! I love the winter up until the day after Christmas! Then it just gets sickening! Especially since I live in New England and we have zero degree days! –(and sometimes less!) LOVED your list of the good things about winter, though. It puts it all into perspective!

  2. Florida won’t make up its mind. Yesterday it was in the mid-70s and today its supposed to be 40! Just pick one already!!! I have to say that I love it being cold before and during the holidays. But I think the pretty crisp fall weather should return once Christmas is over.

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