Photography Friday

Today, I thought I’d take a break from expressing my oh so important thoughts and opinions and instead, just share some pictures.  Enjoy!

250665_1992089155531_5504127_n 313210_2507910290737_1828912426_n 417468_3002110005421_1852356425_n 229115_1944665289964_4349330_n 403698_2995808367884_1611263623_n 1882_10200288407426480_1373828214_n301894_3807025967817_2025924004_n tumblr_ni3kzuadNJ1se7mcyo3_1280 578596_3496120115365_989253153_n 377073_4098562136039_605899807_n 248886_1985950842077_7906012_n251821_3942516434994_1310825615_n 255713_1985952682123_3932389_n 33952_10200132855697784_1430834164_n 248661_1985957482243_3908792_n 427120_2995803167754_2066863260_n

All Photographs and Images Copyright © 2015 Jacqueline E. Smith


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