Calling All Readers and Selfie Enthusiasts!

Hi, friends!

Okay, so I’ve had this idea.  I mentioned it on Facebook and Twitter, but it was all kind of choppy and spewing out ideas.  It wasn’t very organized.  So I’d like to put it out there again in a more thought-out and thorough way.

I’m looking for pictures of Cemetery Tours.  Specifically, I’d love selfies of readers holding the book (or eBook).  If you’re not a fan of selfies, I’d also love to see pictures of Cemetery Tours on your bookshelves.


1383991_121994207975569_1404455292_n 954792_121393514702305_1459301900_n 670406949870476e57e247e8346d9f64 1391976_122293884612268_1645628085_n

I would love to be able to share these images, not only here on my blog, but on my new Cemetery Tours themed Pinterest site as well: 

If you are an author, blogger, musician, whatever, along with the picture, I will most certainly include a brief bio and a link to your website.  This is all about publicity, not just for me, but for my friends as well.  We help each other out.  It’s what we do.  Also, I’m a really big fangirl of my own books and I like to have as many pictures of them as possible!  😉

If you’d like to send me a picture and a link/bio, please send everything to

Thank you all so much, and please, if there’s every anything I can do for you, let me know!

Much love!

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