Lots of Things

For a while now, I have operated under the assumption that life will eventually calm down and I’ll fall back into a routine (even though my personality type does not do well with routine at all).  I think I may have been wrong about that.  I feel like I have more to do now and in the next couple of weeks than I did before I left for California!

* Books to send out for reviews.

* Paperwork for Indievengeance Day 2015.

* Remember to check work email.

* Mail books.

* Order refill on Midnight’s prescription.

* Eat healthier.

* WRITE. WRITE WRITE WRITE. This is kind of a given, but After Death is coming out WAY sooner than I think it is!

* Four book covers to design!

So yeah.  Busy, busy, busy bee, as always.  I’m also seriously considering (in fact, I’m about 97.5% certain that I will be) adopting a couple of parakeets.  I’m super excited!  I would love to adopt another kitten or maybe even a puppy, but there is no way Midnight would ever let me.  She’s too spoiled.  She likes being an only child.  But I think she might be okay with birds.  Of course, I won’t be testing this theory as I don’t want to put my birds in any kind of danger.  However, she’s too lazy to chase bugs.  Literally everything is beneath her.  I don’t think she has many hunter instincts left.

One more thing before I go: I realized I haven’t shared my sunflower pictures with y’all yet! I had a beautiful batch this year.  I just wish they had lasted longer (stupid squirrels).  Thankfully, I still have my milkweed!

18713_10206080482464736_4583259115079600073_n 11040371_10206068979937180_1514319059498794338_n 11041260_10206068972176986_4929656660958969093_n 11046804_10206080483744768_2490990379806333388_n 11051747_10206080484464786_8350188710864690614_n 11141224_10206068969016907_8673145174364705279_n 11181223_10206068972897004_3873527332054639878_n 11188337_10206080485304807_238727904263957414_n 11201864_10206068975177061_8874332778708627246_n 11221950_10206080479464661_3839374605035212276_n 11403005_10206068978577146_109415204575774467_n 11403068_10206080487344858_7625737138234737375_n 11659420_10206068974937055_4326538654855642365_n 11693879_10206068977937130_2252998045311186753_n 11694746_10206068967576871_7858023078049545_n 11698532_10206068974457043_1752149953994068788_n 11702701_10206080484784794_4546761845987064625_n   11742732_10206068978337140_5091157901293027983_n 11742747_10206068980537195_3042171551535745815_n 11745480_10206080482824745_2922480957226188027_n 11745480_10206080486344833_8355455961590494132_n 11745643_10206080483224755_3136411862512928329_n 11745705_10206068977697124_7490294993171396841_n 11751455_10206080481624715_6790960924956510573_n 11751463_10206068976697099_7103252461992855354_n 11751868_10206068979417167_2509133608236932101_n 11752172_10206080486704842_5819688286689704419_n 11752505_10206080484024775_8823269729435912552_n 11754241_10206068969536920_3844760814690284817_n 11755135_10206068970936955_570007472120254318_n 11755672_10206068973217012_7104394234843700743_n 11755759_10206068981657223_2721028719636456736_n 11760166_10206080486024825_2121097295493494360_n 11742822_10206080479664666_3005148416523548387_n


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