More Than Writers

As independent authors, we are told we need to be more than writers.  We need to be competitive.  We need to be marketers.  We need to be businessmen.  We need to be campaigners.  We also need to be publishers and designers and formatters and social media experts and reviewers…  I’ve said it before and I will say it again.  When you’re an independent author – when you’re in business for yourself in general – there is no such thing as down time.  There is always something that you can be doing.  That doesn’t necessarily mean that we don’t take down time.  I probably take way too much of it.  But it’s true.

We take on the world just so we can do what we love.  We learn skills that we never would have ever thought necessary just so we can write.  When I first realized that I wanted to be an author, I had no idea that I had so much to learn.  I had no idea the work that went into creating a book and getting it out into the world.  I just thought, “Oh yeah, this will be a breeze.  I’ll write it out and get it published.  Easy!”

No.  Not easy.  Not even remotely close to easy.  But worth it.  Oh, so worth it.

As proud I am of everything I’ve learned, however, I still find my greatest joy in writing, in making up stories, in getting to know the characters, in experiencing their worlds with them.  I currently have to works in progress: Worldwide, the third book in the Boy Band series and Lost Souls, the fourth book in the Cemetery Tours series, and I am loving every moment.  It’s fun writing the first book in a series, but I think I enjoy writing the sequels even more.  The characters feel like old friends.  We’ve been through so much together, we’ve grown together, and I love discovering where their stories take them.  It’s not always something you can plan.

That being said, I’m so excited to work on new projects as well.  I’ve been asked how I come up with ideas for books.  The honest to God answer is… I have no clue.  I never know who or what will inspire a story.  It’s not something you really have control over.  It just happens.  As for me… I currently have about 20 books in my head waiting to be written.  I’m not sure all of them will be written, though I am certain that more will present themselves in the time it takes to write them.

Until then, I’m writing as fast as I can to get these next two books out.  I think they’re going to be worth the wait!

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