Y’all, I am speechless.

No, seriously.  I can’t talk.  I have some kind of laryngitis or pharyngitis or if nothing else, a really nasty upper respiratory infection.  Whatever it is, it has left me with a croaky frog voice and a lot of mucus in the things that are supposed to help me breathe.  Like my lungs.

Thankfully, my typing skills have not been affected so much as my singing skills.

I hate being sick.  It’s the worst.  Especially because in the past two years, this is only the third time I’ve been really sick.  I used to get sick all the time.  Then I went to see an allergist about my constant respiratory problems and she got me on some pretty awesome allergy remedy and I have been ridiculously healthy ever since!  So when my throat first started hurting late Friday night, I was not particularly thrilled.

I am a naturally energetic person.  I like to get out and do things.  If I don’t get out, I like to spend my days inside being productive.  When I get sick, especially with something like this, my body doesn’t like to do anything except sit on the couch and drink lots of water.  I tried to defy my body yesterday.  I went out with a friend who I probably won’t see for another month due to her crazy work schedule and then I had a game night with a few other friends.  I knew I was probably pushing it, but I figured that if sitting around and resting all day Saturday hadn’t made me better, then hanging out with a few friends wouldn’t make me any worse.


Before I woke up this morning, I was thinking that maybe, just maybe, I wasn’t actually sick because my sore throat hadn’t progressed to anything worse.  Maybe it was just irritated.

Nope.  I’m definitely sick.  And I’d like to officially apologize to all my friends who accepted hugs from me yesterday.  I hope I didn’t breathe on you.

Being sick can seem like kind of a nice vacation.  I’ve been able to catch up on some reading.  The seventh book in one of my favorite series ever finally came out after years and years and YEARS.

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 5.02.01 PM

Meg Cabot is one of my absolute favorite authors of all time.  I want to be her when I grow up.  The Mediator series follows a girl, Suze Simon, who can see and communicate with the dead.  No wonder I love these books, right?  I like to think that if Suze ever met up with the characters from Cemetery Tours, they’d get along.  Or at least have a lot to commiserate about.

The other book I’m reading right now is An Ember In The Ashes.  It’s one that my sister has been recommending to me forever and so far, it’s excellent.  It’s very dark, however, so I’ve been reading it in increments.  What’s really neat, however, is that I got my copy online and when I opened it up, I discovered…

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 5.01.36 PM

It’s been signed by the author, Sabaa Tahir!  How cool is that?  I researched her signature and either someone is very good at copying it or this is a legitimate autograph.  I’m holding on to this one, folks.  It’s going to be pretty big.

Meanwhile, I’m still working on the next books in the Cemetery Tours and Boy Band series and trying to master the art of marketing.  Still not there just yet, but I feel like I’m beginning to make progress.

That being said, I think I’m going to go work a little now.  Love you all.  Don’t catch what I have.

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