Social Limits

Hi, friends!  Happy Wednesday!  I hope your week has been spectacular thus far.

My week has been okay.  Not terrific, not awful, just mediocre.  The weather’s been gross.  I’ve been feeling kind of gross.  I’ve been burning a lot of fall candles and catching up on reading to combat the gloom, but I’m definitely ready for some sunshine and adventure and excitement.

All of this being inside has resulted in a lot of time spent on social media.  A lot of wasted time.  True, I do some marketing and some networking, but a lot of it is just mindless creeping.  And today I realized I’m kind of sick of it.  So I’m going to try my best to limit my browsing time.  I need to get more active, more productive.  I need to read more.  I need to get back to de-cluttering and organizing my office (it looks pretty awesome so far, I must admit).  And I need to keep working on all my books!  I’m really excited with how they’re all coming along, but I need to work faster.

In other news, tonight is Boy Band‘s one year bookiversary!  This silly little book has changed my life and I have all of you to thank for that.  I love you all so much.  You’ve made my dream come true.  You make my dream come true every single day and I’ll never be able to truly express how grateful I am to all of you.

Have Reading!  Happy Writing!


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