Helpful Hashtags

Hi, friends!  Happy Monday!  Wow, it’s been a bit of a crazy week.  I’ve had a sick kitty at home so I’ve been sleeping on the couch and waiting on her paw and foot.  Thankfully, she seems to be feeling much, much better so I’m hoping that the worst is behind us.

Having spent so much time taking care of my poor sick baby, I’ve been a bit distracted and haven’t really been keeping up with my work or books the way that I should have.  But I finally have a bit of time to write a quick blog post.

If you ask an indie author, “What’s the one thing you don’t like about what you do?” I’m going to guess that at least half the time, the answer will be “Self-Marketing.”  I’ve written blog posts myself about how much I hate self-marketing.  It’s hard.  It’s time-consuming.  And it’s not something that most of us are necessarily good at.  Or perhaps I should say it’s not something that most of us really understand.  I know how to write a book.  That’s the easy part.  But actually getting out there and selling that book?  I’m lost.

However, while I may not know all that much about marketing or branding, I do happen to know a thing or two about social media.  Not to brag or anything, but I have posted over 3000 pictures on Instagram.  Okay, so that might be more annoying than anything, but I’m not kidding you when I say I have connected with more readers and reviewers over Instagram in the past two months than I have in the past two YEARS on all the other social media sites.

After discussing my experience on Instagram with a few of my other author friends, I decided to put together a little cheat sheet for my fellow writers and book-marketers.

Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 8.09.28 PM

I also have two different photo albums going on my Facebook page.  The first contains pictures I’ve taken of Indie Books.  The second contains pictures that readers and reviewers have taken of My Books.

As indie authors, as authors in general, we’re all in this together.  The only way we’re going to make it is to support one another, read each other’s books, and lift each other up. It can happen and it will happen.  This is a great community full of wonderful, talented people and books that deserve to be read.


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