On My Mind

Hi friends!  Again, I haven’t been very good about updating recently.  I’m sorry.  There’s just so much going on in the world and here at home that blogging has taken a bit of a backseat.  I’m going to try to get better.

Right now, I’m juggling upcoming book events, getting books out to reviewers, celebrating the Worldwide release, and deciding which new project to focus on next.  I have at least twenty books in my head, but I can only focus on a few at a time.  Right now, I know I need to get the fourth Cemetery Tours and the fourth Boy Band out, but I also find myself really want to venture forth with new projects.

Now one is kind of a Boy Band spinoff, a fun, romantic YA read with a different band.  The other is one that I’ve been developing for a while.  It would be an adult novel and pretty different than everything I’ve written so far.  I’m not making any commitments to either project yet, but I can tell you they’ve been a lot of fun to write.

In spite of all of these big plans, I’ve been feeling a little discouraged lately.  The reception for Worldwide has ultimately been positive (along with a few “Why did it end that way?!” reviews thrown in there), but it hasn’t been selling the way the first two books did.  It may be because it’s summer and everyone is out, enjoying the sun, and catching Pokemon.  Or maybe I didn’t advertise enough.  I’m not sure.

I  had a talk with my mom about it.  I try to make it a point to never feel sorry for myself, but the fact of the matter is that I’m human and sometimes I feel a little down.  It happens.  She only had one piece of advice for me, however, and it was “Keep writing.”

My family has always been so supportive and I hope I never take them for granted.  Because if you have just one person who believes that you can make it, you’re already so much luckier than most.  And so I’m going to keep writing and keep dreaming.  I hope that you keep dreaming too.


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