Supporting Indie Authors

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this before, but I am an absolute Pinterest addict.  I’m more addicted to it than I ever was to Facebook.  It might actually be something of a problem.  

However, I am trying to use this affliction to better myself, my writing, and my newfound life as an independent author.  For example, several of my boards are actually accumulations of ideas for stories.  For example, I have a “haunting” board.  Guess which book that one’s for?  😉  

Anyway, after all the fun I had meeting other indie authors from all over, I decided to make a Support Indie Authors pin board!!!  

I realize this is not a very enlightening or important post, but I’m really excited about my new board.  


Also… HUGE shout outs to Jeanne Marie at and momshieb at, both of whom have purchased Cemetery Tours!  Thank you both so, so much!