The ABC’s of Shakespeare

So, I mentioned earlier that I found the kid’s book that I wrote and illustrated for a Children’s Literature class in Graduate School.  Just for fun, I decided to share it.  Both the writing and illustrations leave a lot to be desired.  Still, it was a neat assignment and I really enjoyed it.

Shakespeare ABCs

Fascinating New Thing

Okay, so this piece has nothing to do with the song (if you know the song, ten points to you).  But there are a lot of new and exciting things happening.

First of all, I found out last night that a short story I wrote has been selected for publication in a new Anthology coming out in May!  The Anthology is called Lurking in the Deep and it features a collection of stories centered around water-based fears, i.e. sea monsters, mermaids, ghosts of those lost at sea, etc…  As soon as I found out about it, I knew I had to submit something.  I love the ocean, as you all know, and I love scary stories, again, which you all know.

10553348_10203480284941423_7554305635188775360_n 10534563_10203479536962724_1539263383265839147_n

Just for the record, the ocean in my story is a lot more sinister than Gulf Shores, Alabama.

Another bit of exciting news that I’d like to share is that my dear friend Paula has just published her first children’s book!  It’s called Jack Learns to Grill and it is so, so, so cute.  It’s the first in a series about her dingo, Jack, in which he learns new skills and lessons about life.  It is beautifully illustrated by Tana Jacks.  If you have children in your life or if you’re an animal lover, I hope you check it out!  It’s a darling book!


Paula’s Blog:

Jack Learns to Grill:

Finally, I think I’ve come up with a new idea for a few blog posts, but I’m going to have to work on them a little bit to see if it’s actually going to be something worth pursuing.  I’ll let you know!

Also, thank you to all who’ve sent me pictures of Cemetery Tours!  Keep ’em coming!

Have a great weekend, y’all!

Busy Bee

I haven’t been a very good blogger these last few days.  Part of the reason is because I have been under the weather and have had to practically force myself up off the couch to do anything.  Blegh.  But the other reason is because, despite my pitiful existence this week, I’ve actually been pretty busy.

I’ve been helping my friend Paula format her new children’s book, Jack Learns to Grill.  It’s an adorable book about her pet dingo, Jack.  She’s planning a whole series and I’ve got to tell you, I can’t wait to see more of her books and where they can take her.

I’ve also been in communication with a fellow blogger and future author, Danielle Miller, who is celebrating her third year in the WordPress community!  As part of her celebration, she’s looking to get to know and promote authors and I’m honored to be a part of it! For more information, check out her blog here:

Or follow her on Twitter:

Finally, I’m about halfway through with my Boy Band revisions.  I’m really excited about this book, y’all. I know I keep talking about it, but I’m REALLY excited. I really think it’s going to be awesome.


And on that note, I’m off to revise and listen to Disney music before I run off to a dinner meeting.  Have a good weekend, y’all!

Just For Fun

In honor of Friday, I thought I’d take the day off of business stuff and just post something fun.  Okay, it’s still sort of about writing, but it’s silly and cute, not “hey, go buy my book” and miniature progress reports.

I was going through some of my old stuff the other day and I found a few of the first books that I ever wrote.  They’re not actually my books, more like little kid versions of Disney movies, but I did find one book that I wrote called, A Scary Book for Halloween.  It went something like…

“Mummies scare people on Halloween night.

Spiders bite on Halloween night.

Pumpkin faces glow bright on Halloween night.

Meow go Halloween cats.

Ghosts arise on Halloween night.

Witches go back and forth through the air.


I have to admit, I cracked up.  I spent an entire book (or like, six pages) writing about all these monsters and what they do and I ended it with “Frankenstein.”  Smart kid.

A few other gems include lines such a page from my Dallas book, “This is a cactus that is sharp,” and “This is a tortilla growing in a tortilla patch.”  Now, I don’t know if I thought I was being funny or if I actually believed that tortillas grew in tortilla patches, but I still got a pretty good laugh out of it.

I also found an old alphabet book that I wrote.  I was particularly impressed by my choice for O.


It’s kind of cute.  I was smart enough to know what an opal was but not smart enough to know not to write my lower case a’s backwards.

I also found a few of my Disney books…


I was so obsessed with Ariel.


This one was written before I figured out that J and L are not the same letter.


Apparently, Prince Philip was not important enough for color.


“Prick your finger!”

But the first book I ever “wrote” was inspired by Donald Crews’ Shortcut.  I still remember my pre-k teacher reading it to us like it was yesterday.  It was about a group of kids who had stayed out past dark, so they decided to take a shortcut home along the railroad tracks.  Near the end of their journey, they heard a train whistling in the distance, and they knew it would be coming along the tracks.  In my head, that train whistle in the night was so eerie, and I remember feeling chilled and a little scared.  It was the first time a book had gotten to me like that, and I was fascinated by the idea that words on a page could be so powerful.  I decided right then and there that I had to have that book, but instead of going out and buying it, I wanted to recreate it for myself.

Screen Shot 2014-02-21 at 3.13.43 PM 33754_1572238539528_2680209_n

So, there you have it.  A small glimpse into the early days of my writing career.  Hey, we all have to start somewhere.  You know, I didn’t realize that writing was what I wanted to do with my life until my junior year of college.  Looking back, I can’t believe it took me that long to figure it out.  I’ve been writing for fun and therapy since the day I learned the alphabet.  Granted, it took me a while to master a few letters, but overall, I think I’ve got them down.  Though I’m still a little iffy on 5’s if I’m being totally honest.  My hand has just never felt comfortable writing 5’s.

Anyway, before I sign off for the day, I also wanted to share this adorable picture of my kitties when they were babies.  Sadly, my sweet Rusty (the orange one) is no longer with us, but Jazzy (the one with the tongue) is still alive and happy, even though my sister says that in this picture, she looks like an “aloof doofus.”  Mean.

Screen Shot 2014-02-21 at 3.15.45 PM

Have a happy weekend, everyone!

A Very Sugary Review

Hi everyone!  Just a quick updated tonight.  It’s Friday night, which of course means I’ll be going out on the town, partying at the clubs. No, just kidding.  I’ll totally be sitting on the couch, with my blanket and my kitty, reading and writing.  Maybe I’ll get a little wild by popping open a bottle of water and watching a Disney movie.  Livin’ it up in the new year, yo.

Anyway, the real reason I’m writing this is to share my review of Heather Ellis’ latest book, The Sugary-Sherburts and the Stone Witch.


Five Stars!

What a fun read! The Sugary-Sherburts and the Stone Witch, written by young author Heather Ellis, tells the magical and fun-filled tale of Herbert, Charlotte, Kit, and Kat Sugary-Sherburt. The family lives in the town of Thornton, a city made entirely out of chocolate (when can I move in?). As it turns out, Kit and Kat’s adventure with the Stone Witch, a dastardly and terrifying witch who lives in a castle on top of a cloud, is actually a sequel. After following this fantastic adventure, of course I’m going to have to read the first. I’m so curious to find out what happened!

Miss Ellis is a wonderful writer. Her spirited voice and whimsical vocabulary (“The wind whirled…” “The rattling rooftops”) combined with an obvious flair for story-telling and imagination creates a wonderful world that puts one in mind of the workings of Roald Dahl and the legendary Dr. Seuss. As I read, I could see everything that Miss Ellis described, from the Sugary-Sherburts’ modest, chocolatey home (with a swiss roll doorknob!) to the wicked witch, Ola, as she wreaks havoc on … well, I’m not going to tell you. You’ll just have to read it!

This book is wonderful gift, not only for young readers and lovers of fairy tales, but for aspiring young writers as well. Heather Ellis is a fantastic role model and a fine example of a young person who still believes in following her dreams. Congratulations, Heather, on the fun and fantastical world you’ve created!

You can find the book on GoodReads:

And on Amazon:

You can also visit Heather’s blog here:

Or her website here:

Enjoy and support the world’s awesome young authors!

The Sugary-Sherburts

Something I like to do as a semi-active blogger is to scroll through tags that interest me, Books, Authors, Reviews, etc… If I find a blog that I like, I’ll follow.  About a month back, I was scrolling the Author tag and happened across the blog of Miss Heather Ellis (  She is a young author from England and she’s just published her third short story book for kids, The Sugary Sherburts and the Stone Witch.  As it turns out, Heather is a kid herself, just ten years old.

How cool is that?  I mean, seriously?  To be a published author of not one, but THREE books at ten years old?  Want me to tell you what I was doing when I was ten?  I was either running around the house, throwing my Beanie Babies across the floor so that I could pretend to save them from “tornadoes,” or dressing up like the Spice Girls and singing “Wannabe” at the top of my lungs.  That was the kind of kid I was.  

Anyway, I told Heather that I would love to read one of her books, and after a long month of waiting, the Sugary Shuerburts finally arrived in Texas!  


This is a picture that Heather sent me… the Sugary Sherburts about to begin their journey across the pond!


And this is shortly after their arrival in Texas! Note: This is the package, not the actual book cover. I just love the drawing!


I just had to take a picture of the postage stamp. Europe is so cool.

 Anyway, this is the actual book!  


 Again, how cool is this?!

I showed the book to my sister (who also plans to read and review), and she said, “That’s so cool!  It reminds me of Matilda!”  Well, it just so happens that on the back of the book, Heather lists Roald Dahl as one of her influences!  Such a great author and such a good story (my sister is a HUGE fan of the new musical adaptation).  


This is me and the Sugary Sherburts!

I’m so excited to read not only The Stone Witch, but Heather’s other books as well.  You can find a list of them here at her Amazon page: 

You can also find Heather on Twitter: heatherellisbks

And on GoodReads: 

Stop by and check her out!  This kid is going places!