Seeing Things Clearly

I know what you’re thinking. This “Seeing Things Clearly” blog post is going to be filled with revelations and things about the world that I now understand.

Nope. I’m not that deep.

Remember that eye strain that I told you about a while ago? Well, it never got better. So I went to the eye doctor this afternoon. As it turns out, I do not have an eye strain, so I can continue to happily abuse my eyesight and my computer use for years to come.

However, something (most likely a speck of dust beneath my contact lens) scratched up my poor cornea, my cornea flared up like a Fourth of July firecracker, and lo and behold, I can’t see a thing. Okay, I can still drive, and obviously I can still type, but it’s all thanks to my left eye. My right eye is just about useless, even with glasses. Therefore, I am now on two separate eye drops (one prescription, one over-the-counter), and I am not allowed to wear my contacts until further notice.

That means I will not be looking cute at the Fourth of July concert that my sister and I are taking my dad to. Oh well.

The good news is the rest of my eyes are perfectly healthy. My doctor said that for someone with such bad vision, my eyes themselves are remarkably healthy. It’s just that darn cornea.

Hopefully, though, with the use of the eye drops, my vision will be back to 20/550 in no time!

For the record, I don’t know if that’s my actual eyesight. I just know that my contact prescription is -5.50 for one eye and -6.00 for the other.

In other news, Between Worlds is still selling well. Yay!

Also, my sunflowers are growing and on the verge of blooming! Most of them are as tall or taller than I am now!

Creating a post on WordPress is different now.  Interesting.

Anyway, that’s about all I’ve got for this evening. ┬áI hope you all have a great rest of the day!