50 Better Ways to Spend $1 Billion Than Giving it to Kanye

Hard times have apparently fallen on multi-millionaire/rap-superstar/insufferable egomaniac Kanye West.  According to a ridiculous Twitter-rant that West posted earlier today, he is $53 million in debt and is asking for a donation of $1 billion from Facebook founder Mark Zuckerburg.  Now, I highly suspect that Mark Zuckerburg is too busy doting on his new baby daughter to really give a hoot and a half about Kanye, but the rest of the world is getting a real kick out of the fact that the famously self-absorbed rapper is asking for money.

West claims that while he is still personally rich (Whew! There’s a relief! I was almost concerned that Kim Kardashian was going to have to start living like the rest of us peasants!), he needs the $1 Billion to change the world, or make it a better place, because that what he’s meant to do or something.

Well, Kanye, sorry to burst that bubble that you apparently live in, but I can think of a few ways that that $1 billion can change the world without going through your slippery wallet.  50, in fact.


Education is a hot-button issue here in the USA. There are schools in certain parts of the country that are barely scraping by.  There are students who go to school and get their only meal of the day.  There are vital programs being cut to save a few pennies.

  1. Donate calculators, desks, and other supplies.
  2. Donate musical instruments and arts and crafts to the kids who want to study the arts.
  3. Build a new playground.
  4. Invest in teaching programs and speak out for better salaries for educators.
  5. Invest in new buildings for the kids who go to school in trailers.
  6. Donate for more dual-language programs and train all educators in the languages as well.
  7. Invest in special education programs and educators.
  8. Invest in after-school programs, especially for schools in underprivileged districts.
  9. Donate to scholarship funds for kids with disabilities, kids from low-income families, etc…
  10. Sponsor a child or a classroom.

Local Charities

We don’t have to look farther than beyond our own front porch to find people and animals in need of help. 

11. Donate to homeless shelters or organizations that provide meals for the homeless.

12. Sponsor a house for Habitat for Humanity.

13. Donate to drug and alcohol rehabilitation facilities.

14. Donate to churches and outreach programs.

15. Donate to women’s shelters and sponsor a woman who has been a victim of domestic abuse.

16.  Buy new food, blankets, and toys for a local animal shelter and speak out on behalf of those who can’t speak for themselves.

17.  Donate a new wing to a children’s hospital.

18.  Support programs that help homeless veterans.

19.  Help donate to the refugee crisis.  Provide meals and decent housing.

20.  Sponsor a senior citizen, or donate to nursing homes.  Provide blankets, shoes, clocks, books, wheelchairs, and help improve quality of life.

Nature and the Environment

We are slowly but surely destroying our greatest gift and resource: our home planet and all of its inhabitants.  $1 billion won’t solve all of our problems, but it could pave the way to a better world.

21.  Donate to protect and clean up the oceans.

22.  Donate to protect and replenish the rain forests.

23.  Protect the lions and rhinos and other endangered species that Kim Kardashian likes to wear draped around her shoulders. Adopt animals from the World Wildlife Fund.

24.  Invest in rescue and rehabilitation facilities.

25.  Invest in solar panels and donate to energy conservation and innovation.

26.  Donate to national parks and designated wildlife sanctuaries.  We have bobcats and coyotes sneaking into backyards and preying on domestic pets because their homes are being destroyed.

27.  Donate to arctic relief efforts and climate researchers to help protect the polar bears.  This is a personal one for me.  I really want my future children to grow up in a world with polar bears.

28.  Donate to parks and animals refuges that take in old, sick, or disabled animals.

29.  Invest in saving the bees and butterflies.  We need them!  Bees are vital!

30.  Finally, invest in farmers and livestock farms.  Invest in better living conditions for cows and pigs and chickens.  There is no need for those animals to live in such horrible places for their entire lives.

Medical Relief and Research

31. Donate to groups and laboratories that study cancer.

32. Donate to groups that are fighting to wipe out malaria and other parasitic diseases.

33.  Donate medical supplies to third world countries.

34.  Donate to Alzheimer’s research.

35.  Support better mental health centers, resources, and caretakers.  Mental health is a HUGE deal and there are very limited resources for those out there either living with mental illness or who love someone with mental illness.

36.  Donate new equipment to hospitals.

37.  Donate to help hospitals that provide services such as spinal implant surgery, cleft palate repair, etc…

38.  Donate to surgery centers, transplant specialists, and those paving the way toward artificial organs and specialty surgery.

39.  Donate to teams studying rare birth defects and premature births.

40. Donate to worldwide AIDs relief funds.

Global Efforts

41.  Send clean water and other resources to countries that are lacking.

42.  Donate to world literacy funds.

43.  Invest in and speak out for education for women in countries where they are treated as second-class citizens.

44.  Invest in start-up businesses, in independently owned businesses, in local mom-and-pop shops that have been around forever, in non-profit organizations.

45.  Donate to natural disaster relief.

45.  Donate to NASA and other programs that seek to explore and test our limits.

47. Donate to human rights and civil activist groups who seek to make the world a better place.

48.  Donate to preserve, protect, and restore historical monuments, buildings, works of art and literature, etc…

49.  Donate to help put an end to human trafficking, prostitution, and crimes against children.

50.  Donate to local communities, to revitalize their livelihoods, to protect their way of life.

The world can be a better place, even without Mark Zuckerburg’s $1 billion.  We don’t need money or celebrities or social media to make it happen.  The opportunities are right there in front of us.



Facebook Like Exchange

Hi, friends!

Okay, it is cold. It’s the middle of July in TEXAS and it is cold. Hell has literally frozen over. I used my heater in my car today.


This is Texas. This is a place where, if you think 100 degrees is hot, you are considered a wimp. We actually do not know how to function when it is July and it’s 68 degrees outside. That’s like, our WINTER.

Okay, winter is a little colder, but still. I actually needed a jacket today. IN JULY. You want to know where I was the last time I wore a jacket in July? Scotland. Because it’s cold there all the time. Texas is like, the land of heat and baking cookies inside your car because it’s so stinking hot out. It just doesn’t make sense. My brain is short-circuiting.

On the book front, however, I’ve been thinking. I’m really wanting to start expanding my social media outreach, so I’m proposing a Facebook Like Swap. If you’re reading this and you have a Facebook Like Page, stop by and like my page…


… and leave me a message either there or here with a link to your page and I will reciprocate! I need to keep writing, but I also need to keep up with marketing and self-promotion (which, honestly, I kind of hate, but it is a necessary evil). It would mean a lot to me if you’d stop by and like the page, and like I said, I will like your page in return.

Have a pleasant evening! STAY WARM.

Grown Up Stuff

Hi, all.

This has been a very busy week.  House-sitting, regular job, one friend is in the hospital (on the mend, thank goodness), and another friend, I just found out, is going through a divorce… crazy, I tell you!  Life is weird.

With all of this going on, I haven’t had a lot of time to concentrate on either promoting Cemetery Tours, editing the sequel, or writing the new manuscript.  That’s the only problem with being an independent author.  Along with regular life, you have to figure out how to get all of that done too.  What I wouldn’t give for the luxury of being able to just work on my books and focus on writing!  The good news is that it is almost the weekend.  I plan on devoting the next few days to getting the sequel marked up, edited, and printed off again next week so I can start going over it myself and formatting it so I can finally move forward with ISBN and PNC.

That’s not to say I’ve gotten nothing accomplished this week.  I did FINALLY manage to get my two Pinterest accounts Verified!



Unfortunately, it was simply impossible to verify through my company website, http://www.windtrailpublishing.com , so I added two new blogs to my WordPress account.  I haven’t had time to really spruce them up yet, but once I get them up and running I will let you know.

I am also thrilled to announce that A) Cemetery Tours reached the top 200,000s in Amazon’s Bestselling Paperbacks.


Cemetery Tours has also reached over 500 likes on Facebook!


In preparation for the sequel’s release in June, I’ve also set a new goal.  I want Cemetery Tours to have 50 reviews on Amazon by the time the second book is out.  It has 37 reviews right now, so I only need 13 more.  I’m really hoping we can make that happen.  I’ve even started up a Review Party Event that people can RSVP to on Facebook.


Anyway, I realize that this post has mostly been me, me, me, but I am super excited about the sequel and future projects.  What are y’all working on right now?

Just Rolling Along

It’s a new week, and as usual, I am still learning, still writing, and still single.  

That last one was a joke.  Sort of.  

Anyway, as you all probably know, I like to keep this blog updated, even when I don’t have all that much to say, so here it goes.  

1.  I think I’ve found an image for cover of the Cemetery Tours sequel.  I’m still waiting for approval from my graphic designer, but I’m super excited about it.  I hope he likes it.    

2.  Upon finding said image, I have determined that I need to find cover designs for every single book I have in my head.  Needless to say, I wasted  spent a LOT of time on Shutterstock.com last night.  

3.  I’m still making progress on the CT sequel.  I’m halfway through chapter 12.  Hoping to finish first draft by the end of 2013, but I think I’ve already mentioned that.  


My manuscript and my cat.

4.  Cemetery Tours is up to 8 reviews on Amazon, and 8 ratings (All 5 star!) and 3 reviews on GoodReads.  Here’s the latest from Amazon!  



5.  I’m editing a book this week!  It’s important in this line of work to lend a helping hand.  Always be willing to read, edit, review fellow authors!  It’s a great way to build friendships, develop new skills, and network!  

6.  There’s an event on Facebook going on this month that is designed specifically for helping independent business owners/artists/whomever has a “like” page to meet other people and build their following.  It’s great!  This is the link: https://www.facebook.com/events/607484369298466/626990287347874/?notif_t=like

Thanks to this group, Cemetery Tours has gained 23 “likers” in one day!  



New Goal!

Okay.  We have one week until the Witching Hour begins!  In honor of the 7 Days till Halloween Countdown, I am once again announcing the Cemetery Tours FREE Halloween Giveaway! 

Remember: On October 30 and 31, Cemetery Tours will be FREE on Kindle!  I guess you could say it will be “e-vailable as an e-book.”  Hahahahaha. 

Please don’t let that joke discourage you from reading. 

Anyway, here is the link to the Facebook event.  RSVPing is not necessary.  It just serves as a reminder and as a way to spread the word!  My hope is that whomever RSVPs will consider inviting all of their friends! 

Link to Event ->  https://www.facebook.com/events/655080944513741/

I do have another new goal, however.  Cemetery Tours currently has 167 “likes” on Facebook.  I want to see if I can make that number 200 by Halloween!  That means I need 33 “likes” in 7 days.  I think it’s totally possible.  Please consider stopping by and clicking “like.”  If you have a “like” page, then please, leave the link in the comments section below OR on the Cemetery Tours page.  

Thank you all!  Happy Haunting!