A Few Photos

So, I had a long-winded post planned out about the new Princess Diaries movie and why Michael Moscovitz needs to return and sweep Mia off her feet and marry her because he is her one true love and Chris Pine, while very, very hot, is simply not in the books.  Anyone who’s read the books knows that Mia belongs with the dreamy, intelligent, witty, medical entrepreneur that is Michael Moscovitz.  Mia and anyone else, even someone as aesthetically pleasing as Chris Pine, is just wrong.

But I’m feeling a bit lazy on a Friday night, so instead I’ll leave my argument at that and instead, share some new pictures I took yesterday at a nature reserve.

1533885_10205873235203684_6611982587700048444_n 10150689_10205873222443365_1275010835522767790_n 10403029_10205873221563343_8926577851593655546_n 10660350_10205873227483491_2825350411838721708_n 10906071_10205873207762998_6964999018869557971_n 11230848_10205873234123657_2675065980632763255_n 11236553_10205873202282861_5915036479750638100_n 11407257_10205873218723272_8648454251610861137_n 11412152_10205873226323462_3894577203219873533_n 11425498_10205873205762948_3370835693584967718_n

I also found a baby grasshopper and spider in my sunflower garden.

10346306_10205828334081184_3248389746689085323_n 10403687_10205828334801202_1559012755493066372_n 11108669_10205828334201187_6343889466352513346_n 11401213_10205828335721225_830418192238444474_n 11401573_10205828334001182_8401925141203530088_n

Friday Fun Facts

I feel like I need to be writing some kind of serious blog post, because I feel like there are a million things going on right now, but for the life of me, I can’t pick one topic to focus on.  So I’m just going to make a bit of a list.  In no particular order, here are the things on my mind.


* Speaking at a writer’s group at a library tomorrow! Yay!

* Need to give myself an at-home makeover: straighten hair, paint nails, the works.

* Also need to listen to more Ed Sheeran. Like, right away.

* Pre-Release copies of Boy Band are on their way and I am SO excited!

* Need to edit short story for Lurking in the Deep.

* PS You are invited to the Lurking in the Deep online release party: https://www.facebook.com/events/1389989944654711/

* Watching Ouija right now. So far, it is a little hokey.

* I can’t believe Zayn left One Direction.  Moment of silence.

* Character Interview featuring Luke Rainer will probably be posted on Monday.

* Going to meet another local author tomorrow afternoon at Barnes and Noble.  Exciting.

* Seriously, though, where can I find a man like Ed Sheeran?  I need to date this guy.

* I read and reviewed friend and fellow author, Jonas Lee’s second book, A Time To Reap.  You can check out his blog here: http://jonasleeblog.com and my review here: https://www.goodreads.com/review/show/1237989820

* I can’t wait to plant my garden.

* Please remember to enter my GoodReads Giveaway and spread the word! https://www.goodreads.com/giveaway/show/129034-boy-band

* I can’t believe the new Walking Dead spinoff is called Fear the Walking Dead.

*To top it all off, here’s a pretty picture of one of my sunflowers from last year.


Well, the first draft of the second book is finished!  As great as that feels, I really didn’t intend for today to become a day of self-congratulatory celebration, but that’s sort of what it ended up being.

First my good friend and neighbor surprised me with flowers!  She’s such a sweet heart!  She also happens to be one of my beta readers!


Jazzy liked the flowers too.


Then this evening, I had dinner and dessert with my best friend, Jessica.  I ended up finding out that she has absolutely no faith in my taste in men.  But other than that, we had so much fun.  Actually, talking about guys is fun too.

To top it all off, my sister and I were texting and she started sending me a bunch of funny Frozen pictures and this one almost had me in tears.

Oh my goodness, I laughed so hard.

Anyway, this blog post is kind of silly, but I’m tired and all I really wanted to do was show off my flowers because I love flowers.  Good night, all!  It’s almost Friday!  Yay!