IndieVengeance Day 2015

Hi, friends!  This weekend, along with spending a small fortune at the movie theater, I also participated in the third annual IndieVengeance Day, celebrating Indie Authors from all over the world.  I thought I’d share a few pictures from the event!

Warning: Most of them are just my books looking pretty.


12049492_10206520995037275_4352980087352778213_n 12046705_10206520990037150_7151475025810584685_n 12038153_10206520987517087_224658161742198711_n 12038122_10206520929475636_5220876166512133072_n 12036557_10206520929115627_3604746050461946757_n 12029560_10206520989397134_6736412269006807332_o 12003198_10206520972796719_4870375760850210491_n 11999073_10206520925555538_3797993650768365837_n 12002794_10206520930235655_2272562627243739723_n 11836825_10206521000077401_3624180055311773618_n

The new book covers were there too.

12046607_10206520994437260_3602365634634295948_n 12039179_10206520992117202_3722999671793126148_n 12038044_10206520934035750_14582848368124298_n 12030301_10206520992957223_2916438873517679927_o 12027273_10206520998997374_6377609962954186237_o

Pretty snazzy.

11836781_10206520968756618_4398363241359181381_n 12049638_10206520938315857_1052735460830175518_n 12039489_10206520999837395_6774672934476911225_n 12042919_10206521003717492_3084581866472716940_n 12036549_10206521006517562_1484745882549813725_n 12011406_10206521013117727_720851554158804250_n 12011306_10206520931355683_3629052027222056604_n 12004710_10206521004597514_7034667689833863241_n 12003887_10206520965876546_6358771303222166776_n

It was fun this year, crew!  Until next time!



I’m just going to come out and say it.  This week is going to be crazy busy.  It all begins Wednesday evening.  I’m going to help my friend and fellow Indie Author Amber Jerome-Norrgard put together giveaway baskets for IndieVengeance Day this weekend.

Thursday is North Texas Giving Day.  I’ll be traveling up to Denton to volunteer with the North Texas Book Festival to talk about the event and help support Libraries and Literacy across North Texas.


The next two days are the Third Annual IndieVengeance Event.  I participated in the two-day-long event last year and had an absolute blast: IndieVengeance Day Scrapbook.

The weekend comes to a fun and relaxing end on Sunday.  My sister will be in town and there are a couple of movies that we are both itching to see.

In the midst of all of this, I’m still hard at work on the final revisions for After Death before its release next month.  I’m also having a lot of fun working on Backstage, the sequel to Boy Band as well as planning my next NaNoWriMo project.  It’s weird to think that I hadn’t been planning on writing a YA novel, especially one about a boy band.  But you know, life.  It’s funny like that.

In the meantime friends, keep reading, keep writing.