Life is a Mystery (Machine)

This morning, I woke up in a crap mood.  Not a bad mood, a crap mood.  I’ve had two nights in a row of lousy sleep, the plumbing is all messed up at the house I’m watching for the next three weeks, and to top it all off, I saw two dead rabbits in the road this morning.  That just about did me in.  I had to force myself not to start crying while I drove.  It didn’t help that everywhere I looked, drivers all around looked just as miserable as I felt.  Sometimes I feel like to everyone around, life is not a gift, but an obligation.  We wake up every day with this attitude of, “Ugh, I just want today to be over.  I don’t want to do this.  This sucks.”  Life has become something of a nuisance, and that’s just not the way it’s supposed to be. 

Thankfully, life saw fit to remind me of that this morning on my way to work.  Driving down the street, just outside my window… was the Mystery Machine. 

No, seriously.   



I can’t tell you why, but that just made my entire day.  Isn’t it every kid’s dream to one day be cruising down the street and have Scooby Doo and the gang drive by, on their way to solve a mystery?  Okay, I’m not really a kid anymore, but that 8-year-old who watched Scooby Doo every single Halloween still lives inside of me, and let me tell you, she was ecstatic.  


After I texted the pictures to my mom, she mentioned that the lady who was driving the van probably thought it was a total creeper, but as I so keenly pointed out, if she doesn’t want people taking pictures of her car, she shouldn’t be driving around in the freaking Mystery Machine. 


The point of this post, and the point of seeing the Mystery Machine driving down the street, is that life is not a nuisance, nor an obligation, nor something that needs to be tolerated.  Life is awesome.  Life is fun.  Life is full of wonderful things and opportunities that are just waiting to be discovered and appreciated.  We don’t have to be serious or stoic or stressed out about life.  None of us were put here to be miserable or to just “get by.”  We were put here to live.  I’m hoping that I remember that next time I wake up in a “crap mood.”