I’m a Writer

The biggest asset to the independent author (or any artist, for that matter) is the online community.  Making friends, making connections, with fellow authors, bloggers, and writers is probably the absolute best thing you can do.  This community is one of my favorite things about being an independent author.  Everyone I’ve met is so helpful, so friendly, so supportive.  It’s a wonderful group to be a part of and I’ve just had such a wonderful experience. 

One of those authors and bloggers that has greatly helped to shape my path as an indie author is Rachel Thompson.  You can visit her website here: http://rachelintheoc.com

The other day, she posted this quote.  


This quote really made ME think.  What do my books do for others?  How will reading them impact their lives?  How does any book, for that matter, impact our lives?  Why do we read in the first place?  

We don’t read because, despite what book lovers may believe, we don’t need to read to survive.  They aren’t vital to our survival like food or water or oxygen.  But I do believe they are vital to our existence and our human experience.  

Books enrich our lives.  They open our minds up to new experiences, to new worlds, to new perspectives, and to a greater appreciation of our own lives and the world around us.  We read books for the same reason that we indulge in dessert or travel to new and exciting places or make friends, and that is because as humans, we do not exist to simply exist.  We are meant to live and to experience and to enjoy.  

As for what my books, Cemetery Tours and Between Worlds, specifically bring to the table, I usually think that’s for my readers to decide.  As the author, I can tell you now my point of view is extremely biased.  I think my books are great.  I think they’re funny.  I think they’re spooky.  I think my characters are likable.  But any writer who doesn’t think the world of their books probably shouldn’t have published in the first place.   

What does a reader gain from Cemetery Tours?

A fun and fast-paced read about ghosts.

Twists and turns.

A touch of romance.

Characters that I’ve grown to love as friends.  Honestly, I miss them when I’m not writing them.  

A few chills down your spine and maybe even a few tears.  

A new perspective on death and the afterlife.  

Brink (everyone’s favorite character… the Ensemble Dark Horse) 

That’s to name a few.  All I know is that I love these books.  I enjoy writing them and it simply makes my entire life when I hear that readers are enjoying them too.  To have just one person go out of their way to tell you that they truly loved something that you wrote is just about the best thing in the world.  It makes my day, every day, more so than sales or even the act of writing, both of which I really love.  

That all being said, what has been your experience as a reader/writer? How have books changed your life?