Even More Lessons Learned

From the day I finished the first draft of my manuscript up until around a few weeks ago, I thought that the independent publishing process could not be any slower. 

My brain => “Oh my gosh… what am I doing with my life… This is never going to happen… I should be doing something productive with my time… This is so slow… This is probably why I can never get a date… I’ll never be published and I’ve wasted the last four years of my life and I’m going to die alone.”

But you know, I’m pretty sure most of us in the creative/performing arts go through something like that every once in a while. 

The point is, however, I thought things were never going to pick up.  I was wrong. 

Now, it seems like everything is happening at once.  Momentum is finally picking up and I am really excited about it!  I mean, I wasn’t really expecting it and now I’m really hoping that I make all the right decisions.  They seem to be coming at me from a dozen different directions. 

For example, I thought that assigning an ISBN to a book was going to be a simple process.  Match the title to the number and voila!  You have an official ISBN-ized book!


Turns out that you have to give all this information before you can register.  Unfortunately, some of this is information I still do not have.  I am inching closer every day, but the one thing I am still stuck on is a release date.  They need to know when this book will be released before it gets a number.  And I don’t know when that will be.

My goal is sometime within the next two months, but there are a lot of factors to consider.

1) My cover artist.  He is working hard on it, but he also has another job and a wife and a life of his own.

2) I don’t know how long the actual submission process to the printer will take.  And what if something goes wrong?  Or it needs to be reedited or reformatted?  I’m really hoping that doesn’t happen, but you never know. 

Okay, that’s really only two factors, but they still need to be considered.  That means I should give myself a little extra time before committing to a release date.  I’m going to talk to my business adviser tonight to see what he thinks.  

I do really want to get these ISBN assigned though, so I need to make a decision relatively soon.  Although I now own the ISBN, my title isn’t OFFICIALLY registered, and until it is, I can’t verify my title with Bowker’s Books in Print, nor can I apply for a Library of Congress number.  I really want and need to get the ball rolling on those, and the only way to do that is to decide on a release date.  So… I guess I’ll have that within the week!  Scary and exciting!        

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