Things to do in 2015

I like making lists.  Maybe it’s a writer thing.  Maybe it’s a mild case of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder thing.  Every week I make a new List of Things I Need to do this Week.  They prove to be quite useful and when I have them all written down for me to see, it makes it easier for me to get them done.  On the other hand, there are some lists that should not be made, such as What I Want in a Boyfriend.  Because guess what?  One day you meet a person who meets all your criteria exactly and they’re not at all right for you.  But I digress.

As 2015 is still relatively new (9 whole days), I’ve been thinking about all I want to do this year.  Of course, writing and publishing new books are a given.  But I’d also like to try some new things.  I’m not talking about things like giving up chocolate (that is NEVER gonna happen) or vowing to exercise every single day (I have commitment issues), but stuff like make a smoothie all by myself.  You know, little things like that.  So, without further ado, here is my 2015 To-Do List

* Finish and publish 3rd Cemetery Tours book

* Publish Boy Band (I’ve actually already finished writing it)

* Visit San Diego with my sister

* Make strawberry sorbet

* Go on at least three urban exploration adventures

* Complete my family history scrapbook

* Visit a wildlife sanctuary

* North Texas Book Festival

* AuthorFest

* READ! Read a LOT!

* Do more good

* See the new Cinderella movie

I’m sure there are more, so for now, this is a work in progress.  What are your plans for 2015?

3 thoughts on “Things to do in 2015

  1. I’ve convinced myself exercising everyday is bad for you. Whether or not it’s actually true, I’m not sure.

    Is a sorbet like a snowcone? It looks a lot like a snowcone in a bowl. I definitely want to do more good though. Like donate blood. I’ve been really bad about keeping appointments for it. What all good did you have have in mind? I really want to expand my local poetry group and get everyone to do more with it. People are so busy with jobs and all that it’s hard though.

  2. Love is much too complicated to make any sort of definitive list though. People may do what you wrote, but in ways that make you unhappy. Or if they’re really good, they introduce things you never thought of in the first place.

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