Blogiversary | Cemetery Tours by Jacqueline Smith – Excerpt

An excerpt from Cemetery Tours as well as Giveaway information! Check it out!

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Cemetery Tours Front EVALUATION COPY01TITLE: Cemetery Tours

PUBLISHER: Wind Trail Publishing

PUBLICATION DATE: September 17, 2013

GENRE: Paranormal Thriller

He’d seen them for as long as he could remember.

They’d never scared him, really.  When he was younger, he hadn’t known that there was anything different about them.  By the time he was old enough to figure out that no one else could see them, he was also old enough to realize that being dead didn’t turn people into monsters.  It just meant that most of them were lonely.

            This guy scared him.

He was tall, almost as tall as Michael, who towered above most people at 6’2, and muscular, something that Michael couldn’t boast.  His dark hair was buzzed short, like an army crew cut, and he wore dark navy jeans, a gray T-shirt, and an old black jacket.  As intimidating has his physical appearance seemed, however…

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