Not Bad for a Tuesday

So, my mom and I jokingly refer to Tuesday as “Monday #2.”  Sadly, we did not actually make this up.  I actually saw it on Pinterest and thought it was funny.  

For the record, here are the days of the week according to that post.

Monday = Monday #1

Tuesday = Monday #2

Wednesday = Monday #3

Thursday = Monday #4

Friday = FRIDAY!

Saturday = SATURDAY!

Sunday = Pre-Monday

All in all, I thought it was hilarious.  Anyway, this Monday #2 wasn’t all that bad.  

For one thing, I got another great review, this time on GoodReads!



For another thing, I had coffee with one of the writers I met at the Indievengeance Day book-signing.  I had a lot of fun talking to her.  She hosts a writers meeting once a month and the next one is Monday.  I’m really excited about going and meeting other writers.  

Finally, it’s almost October 30, which means Cemetery Tours is almost FREE on Kindle!  It’s also almost Halloween, which is the best holiday except for Christmas.  

Happy Haunting!  

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